Friday, January 21, 2011

Where Are You Sleeping?

Up until last week, I had a very strict 'no dog on the bed policy'.  However, Tibby decided enough was enough.  She started wearing me down with sleep deprivation FOR THREE NIGHTS.  She would start around 1am with her noisy playing - flipping bones and toys into the air.  If that didn't work she would whine and act like she needed to go outside URGENTLY.  Then she would need to go outside multiple times a night.  At first, I watched her, because I thought she might be sick.  No, she just wanted to run around in the backyard - at 2am!!!  She would also put her paws up on the bed and then put them down and then up and then down.  She did this from 1am to 5am for three nights in a row.  Of course, she gets to sleep all day while I'm at work.  It didn't help matters that it has been -30F outside this week.  So she wasn't getting her really looooong walks.
Finally, I was so tired one night that when she jumped up on the bed I didn't care.  If she would be quiet I would let her sleep where ever she wanted!

That brings us to this Wednesday.  It was a full moon.  I dread full moon nights.  Tibby always acts CrAzY on full moon nights.  I tried to get her really tired out, but she was still CrAzY.  For example, if you looked in my backyard Wed. night at about 3am you would have seen a small dog running in circles around and around and around.  Finally, when I made her come inside she chewed a hole in my down duvet.  ARGH!!! 


Other than the duvet eating Tibby sleeping on the bed has been OK.  She flops down and goes right to sleep.  And she sleeps through the WHOLE night.

Although, I've started to wonder who is in charge.  See video below for evidence of the real boss in the house.


Oskar said...

Great job! Once you get on the bed total domination is merely steps away, BOL!

Nubbin wiggles,

Helen/Spike and Drusilla OK Citizens said...

We gave up any pretense of having any kind of authority in our house ages ago. Can I just say that -30F is BARBARIC!! How do you go outside? I am preparing for hibernation because we are having single digits this weekend and that's balmy compared to what you have!


Catalina said...

Yeah -30F is horrible! And that is without the windchill. You have to cover all your skin when you go outside and only go out for a very short time. I also wear lots of layers. Even then it's cold.
What's even crazier is my Mom running in a 5k race tomorrow! One year I saw a guy get frost bite at the race - yuck! They took him to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love Tibby. This video is so cute, even if she is being naughty. How can one stay mad at a face like that? I see why you have given in.

Shiva sleeps in her crate at night. I think she prefers it that way as she is much more disruptive otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I got Riley as a puppy with the intention of having her sleep with me in the bed... I had the opposite problem as you, Riley wasn't ready to sleep in the bed. She would take an hour to two hours after we got in bed to finally settle down and go to sleep. So if we went to bed at 10, she would finally go to sleep around midnight. I couldn't sleep so finally I had to pen her up in the bathroom at night until she was about 6 months old and she was finally ready to sleep with me.

Now she sleeps with me every night and is excited to go to bed and snuggle and settles right down. Hopefully Tibby will continue to settle down at night and won't chew any more holes in your duvet!!

Elyse and Riley

scotsmad said...

Tibby trained you fairly quickly!

That full moon thing gets all of us crazy.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Vito sleeps with us. Lance prefers his kennel. He has the option of coming up with us but prefers his space. Chuckles is not allowed on the bed per service dog rules so he has his kennel.

As my personal rule I crate all dogs until their 6 months. I want them able to comfortably sleep away from me. I also want them to know that whining and throwing little tantrums do not work in this house.

If you want Tibby on the bed for you then go for it! But if you want her sleeping in her kennel then I would put her on leash when you take her out so she can't run around and only give her 2minutes to go. No talking, no attention at all, only give her one trip. No toys at night. And as long as she's fine in the kennel and just being bratty I would get out the squirt bottle for further tantrums. I wouldn't say anything to get her to shut up as the attention could actually reward the behavior.

Sagira said...

Starr and I sleep in the bed with mom and dad. Samick sleeps on the floor next to mom. Harley watches the front door and sleep at the entry way. Bokeh is still a baby and has to stay in his crate. Mom says nothing better than puppy snuggles at night. :)