Monday, January 31, 2011

Stupid Snow

Class was canceled again tonight because of bad weather.  Bad weather = TON MORE SNOW.
I am so sick of snow.
Tibby had an interesting day even without class.  This morning at 5am, my Mom (Tibby's Grandma) picked Tibby up and took Tibby on a 5 mile run IN A BLIZZARD.
They say crazy is hereditary - I agree.
This was the report I received about Tibby's first run:
Mile 1 - Tibby was pulling on the leash, jumping, drift diving, sniffing, ect.
Mile 2 - Tibby started to look for her house.
Mile 3 - Tibby stopped once to pull snow out of her feet, but she was keeping up with my Mom and running beside her.
Mile 4- Running beside or a little behind my Mom.
Mile 5 - Running.  Running.  Running.
Last block - Stopped in an intersection to pull snow out of her feet.

My Mom was really happy with Tibby.  Yay!  She said she will pick Tibby up everyday when the weather is a little nicer and take her on a 5 mile run.

My Mom runs with a group of people, but today some people were out of town or working or didn't want to run in a blizzard.  My Mom thought this would be a good opportunity to test Tibby's running skills, because 2 large dogs usually run with the group and my Mom didn't want the work of introducing  running AND new dogs to Tibby.

So, then at 7am I went to work.  I'm guessing Tibby slept all day, because she was wound up all evening.  Busy, busy dog.
And I was thinking she would be tired from a 5 mile run.
Silly me.


CindyLu's Muse said...

I'd still be sleeping if I'd run 5 miles! BOL Go, Tibby!

Crystal said...

Will your mom pick up Maisy, too?? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd be exhausted! That's so great for Tibby and your mom. I am sure they will both enjoy each other's company.

Stupid snow indeed.

scotsmad said...

5 miles!!!!! WOW! You know she'll just get more fit and want more exercise, don't you?

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella