Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd Lesson 1st Week Silvia Trkman Puppy Class

PuppyII lesson2
As you did so good with your first homework, you’re getting some more this time No worries if you don’t manage to do everything in 2 weeks, you can always come back to those tricks. Post wherever you end up, we learn the most through problems, so you want to post those too!

1. experiment with different toys and ways to play with your dog. Tape his favourite game to give some new ideas to other participants (and me!!!)

2. instead of a plate, find something a little higher this time to give them a better feeling of where to keep their front legs, click first for front feet on an object (should be easy, you want the same thing as on a plate) and then observe hind legs and click for ANY movement (even just a weight shift) and then shape from there to more&more steps around the object. I first click both directions and once I get a quarter of a circle, start clicking one direction only and reward with a head away from me in order to get a full circle. The final goal is full circle in both directions, with you static (don’t help the dog to circle with your movement!) – I think those that have my heeling video can already do that exercise, though

3. take the plate and hold it in different positions to see if the dog understands it’s the same thing even when you hold it higher, under angle, to his left/right etc. Try when he is standing, sitting and lying down. If you didn’t name touching an object with a paw, it’s time to do it now! Also, try to change objects for this exercise, sometimes also use a hand as a paw target. Once he can do all that, you’re ready for next two tricks we will get out of the paw touch:
- crossing paws: tell the puppy to down (or shape it if he doesn’t know it yet), then hold the plate (or, you can use another, smaller and more convenient object, like a plastic lid or a piece of paper) close to left paw and only reward touching it with left paw. Then hold it closer and closer to right paw, still only reward left paw touches, then hold it on right paw and eventually on the other side, jackpoting the touches of left paw on a right paw now in order to eventually get rid of a target.
- sit up: tell the puppy to sit (or shape it if he doesn’t know it yet), then put the plate (or just use the hand if he will recognize that as a target) low enough first that he can reach it with a paw, but then every next time, hold it a little higher – not that high that he would stand up, but high enough that the other leg leaves the ground a little bit too. Jackpot.

4. observe your puppy and try to find situations when he would back up – it usually happens when they’re moving out of your way – or sometimes when you’re working on ignoring the food in the hand. You can try to sit down on the floor with treats in your hand and click first step back with hind foot. Don’t wait for more than one as they usually sit down then. Click&reward the first one and reward by throwing a treat towards the dog. Rewarding at distance will help you add more&more steps and more&more distance from you. At one point, switch to rewarding with a toy, it’s easier to throw.

5. 2on2off – find an object big enough for the dog to go on with all 4 feet easily – maybe just put your first 4in object upside down? – Click for 2-3 legs on and then don’t click the fourth one, you don’t want any duration standing there! Only click again when the dog is leaving the object, try to catch him with 2 front feet on the ground and deliver the treat while he is still in this position. You want them go on an object and off immediately, stopping with front feet on the ground. Click&reward several times for a position, then say “go”/”o.k.”/”free”/whatever your release word will be and throw a treat away so that he needs to leave the position to get it. Do this enough times that the dog starts to expect the thrown treat after “go”, so that then you don’t need to throw it in advance, but only after he leaves the position on “go”. Do not help with body language that you want him to leave after “go” – if he doesn’t know it yet, go back to throwing a treat and progress more slowly.

Another note: I’ll be able to answer your questions this coming week with no problem, but then the week after I have seminars here, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up. If not, we’ll just add another week to this class.

This is what I said: "We didn’t have space on the video for back up or our game. I will put it on the next one. I hope we did 2on2off right, because I am SUPER proud of how Tibby did with it. On the video it shows her very, very first time ever doing 2on2off. I think she did really well. I would like to eventually be at her side and have her offer 2on2off -- not right in front of her.
Beg is still being a stinker for us. I guess you will see in the video…..
Paw cross is moving along. I started doing left across right, because I got my left and right mixed up! oops!
Perch is fun! During our last session I started to only click for movement to the right, because Tibby was just going back and forth and never around.

*Love watching everyone’s videos!!! I learn so much from watching other people play with their dogs* This is a fun class!

LOL! I mean right paw across left! I got it mixed up again!"

Silvia said: "Wow, that’s really A LOT of a progress! She is really offering now! That straight into 2on2off was amazing (just make sure you use your release word every time you want her to leave – and you can click the leaving on “go” too!), you’re also almost there with paw crossing and the last sit ups were GREAT! Perch is going well too, she even offered a really nice pivot on your 2on2off plank (at 1:21)! She is definitely thinking now!"

Classmates said:
Kristin "Oh my goodness! That is awesome and Tibby is darling!"
Sara "Tibby is SO cute and I think her sits are getting straighter… good job!"

I am so proud and happy!!!


Nat said...

Thanks for sharing; this is one of Silvia's online classes, right? Lucky you!! Tibby is SUPER adorable and is doing such a great job!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Wow Tibby is looking fantstic! She really is getting the shaping game now!!!! I think you could leave the paw target on the floor now for the paw cross trick. Lance was the only dog I started out free shaping the perch trick. Vito and Chuck I used body pressure and treat placement- treat given the opposite shoulder so they would even move another step. Then I switched to free shaping once I got pivots in front. But just shaping is more fun :)

Oh and no diapers I noticed!!!

Catalina said...

LOL yes no diapers :)

I was just working with Tibby and she gave me a full circle around the perch. WoW! It is amazing to see what a dog can figure out on their own.
Thanks for watching the video!