Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing Perfect Hiking Day

Today was a gorgeous day.  There are only a few days like this in Minnesota, so when they come around it's important to really enjoy them.  I had today off from work and....  But really I should go back to the beginning of the day when Tibby went missing.  My Mom takes Tibby running every Mon., Wed. and Friday morning.  She picks Tibby up at 5:30am and drops her off at my house again around 6:15am.  This morning I woke up at 7:30am and there wasn't any Tibby.  I started to worry.  These are the things I worried about: My Mom has had a heart attack and is lying on the side of the road, Tibby ran away and my Mom is chasing her through the town or Tibby was hit by a car.
Nice way to wake up.
I called my parent's house.  I guess my Mom didn't feel like running Tibby back to my house, so she just kept her.  She dropped Tibby off on her way to work.  My Mom said that Tibby sat on my Mom's lap for about an hour.  So really Tibby was grandparent-napped!
And I'm sure they didn't feed her any breakfast (while she was sitting on my Mom's lap) - ha ha yeah right!  Lucky dog.

So we went hiking with Zoe and her Mom.
It was amazing!
Perfect day.

The mosquitoes aren't out yet and it isn't too hot or too cold yet.
It was about 60F.
Of course, there are wood ticks.
Yuck.  I guess Zoe had 7 ticks on her.  I found 2 on me and 1 on Tibby.
So far.
I gave Tibby a bath - because she rolled in something super stinky!!!! - and brushed her hair out very carefully, but it's hard to tell if there are any more ticks with all of her hair. 
The one I found was by her nose.  It will be interesting if that is the only tick Tibby ends up having, because she has Frontline on and Zoe doesn't.
I feel like they are still crawling on me! Ewwww!


This is Tibby's surprised face.  She is always sticking her nose into grass or leaves and then jumping back surprise!

Yes there was green!


Water break.

The story continues tomorrow......


Sagira said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. :)

Catalina said...

Yup - except now I found 2 more ticks on Tibby. Zoe has 12 so far :(