Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vet Visit

Tibby had a visit with the Vet today.  Every time we go to the clinic we get a different Vet.  Today we had a nice older woman with grey hair.  She seemed a little nervous.  I'm not sure why because, Tibby was the perfect patient.  Tibby either stood perfectly still or buried her head under my arm.

While we were waiting for our appt. there was a woman with a Boxer and a man with a Pointer (in heat) in the waiting room.  The lady asked me about Tibby, "What kind of mix is that?" 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with mixed breed dogs, but the way she asked it made me so mad!  Like her dog was so much better than my 'mixed' dog.  Well lady, just because you don't know the breed doesn't mean Tibby isn't a purebred dog.
She also thought Tibby was a boy.  Tibby was wearing a PINK collar and leash.  'nuff said.
While we were waiting I could hear the staff talking behind the desk.  One of the vet tech's dog ran away this afternoon.  She didn't seem too worried.  She said her kids left the gate open when they came home from school and it ran away.  She said it would either get hit by a car or come home.  Really?  I don't know what to think about that.

They took Tibby's blood for the first time ever.  Tibby was a good girl.  She held still and let them pick up her paw.  She didn't move at all while they tried to find a vein - it took a couple tries.
Tibby's lyme test was negative.  They'll call tomorrow with the heartworm and fecal test results.  The vet tech didn't hold Tibby's paw long enough, to let it clot, and she bled on the exam table a little bit.
They almost gave her some vaccines, but I told them that she isn't due until August for some and Oct. for some other ones. 
I also got the official weight and height measurements for The Guess Tibby's Size contest.  The prizes are SO cute.  I can't wait to show you!


OscarBlogger said...

Get hit by a car or come home? Really? I'm surprised at that cavalier attitude, and from a vet tech, of all people! If Oscar ran away, I'd be frantic! Of course, he's microchipped and has our number on his collar, but I'd still be so worried about all the things that could happen to him out on his own.

Catalina said...

I know! I would be frantic too and looking everywhere if Tibby ran away. It's just another example of the attitude toward animals in this area. And this is the clinic that takes care of all the stray animals too. Very sad attitude. Someone asked her if she wasn't worried about her dog and she was laughing and joking about it. She said - That if the dog did get hit by a car it might need a helmet, because it would be handicapped.
Some people.

scotsmad said...

Don't think we'd like that Vet Tech caring for us.....how cold.

People are always asking what WE are. And they always think we're boys.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Not trying to be rude or pushy but have you looked at other vet clinics?

I really like seeing the same vet every time I go as they really get to know your dog well. I love that my vet just loves up my dogs every time I go and really tries to make it a very positive experience, especially for my anxious Vito. They exam on the floor with him, and all dogs, instead of on a scary table. Not over vaccinating is also huge for me. My vet is quite the drive from my house but it's very important to me. I'm extremely picky about my vet clinics!

Catalina said...

Daisy, Kendra and Bella - How can they think you are boys!?! You are such cute girls :)

Laura - Yeah after today's visit I'm thinking about looking for a new vet. I started going here because for our first 2 visits we had a really nice vet. These last 3 times we have had a different one every time. They are also the only place that has 24 hour emergency service and has vets that do small animals (instead of farm animals). They also neutered my rabbit - the only place within 80 miles that could/would do it.

It's so hard to pick a new place! Or know where to even start looking.

Anna the GSD said...

Wow, I think I'd look for a new Dr. Vet too! It's good to have them for emergencees, but I'd want someone else sticking a thermometer up my bum if you know what I mean!!

I get called a boy all the time too. I haz pink leashes, collars, etc. I mean, I live in pink. Still called a boy. Peoples are weird!!