Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Video For Tricks Class

This is a video of what we have been working on for the Silvia Trkman class (More info here).

This is what Silvia said, "Hey, that frog is great! You make it look too easy! Great job also with the box and the plate, but do try to help a little bit less with your action and movement. To get more action from her, try throwing treats vs. making her move by your movements as it’s hard to get rid of those, the dog gets too dependent on them."

Good point. Hmmm, how can I keep Tibby excited and working, but without me moving around? Something to practice and work on.

Also, we just got back from our private lesson. I'm very tired. We left at 9:30am and got home at 6pm. I was wiped out after the class, but still had to drive home. Tibby slept. Ah, to be my dog! I'll write up a post as soon as my notes are rewritten. Lots to work on.........


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Great job!!! I throw treats a lot in my training. Usually I click and immediately toss that treat somewhere else to reset them. Sometimes I'll click and bring the treat to them, and then toss a bonus treat out. Dogs just LOVE running after the treat so it builds excitement as well as just getting them to reset to offer behaviors again. I'm sure once you start tossing treats it will be easier to fade your movement.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Fun stuff! Very cool to be taking a trick class with Silvia, wow! I like throwing treats a lot too, for the reasons Laura described. My food hound Lucy gets so excited with treats flying around every few seconds, and my more serious dog Walter alo enjoys chasing after the treats.