Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lion

March isn't being very nice to us.  It snowed the first week of March and now we are in a Winter Storm Warning for more snow.  What happened to the lamb?!? 

Tibby and I went for a walk.  It was windy, cold and raining. 

See?  Windy.
Also, notice dirty feet.  Tibby was so interested in watching one of my neighbors take in her garbage can that she walked into a pot hole full of dirty water. 

Our park is flooded.

The water is very deep.  Yesterday it was starting to flood, when we walked through the park, and the water was about 3 feet deep on the right side of the path.  The left side is a runoff pond - it's about 8 feet deep or maybe deeper. 

The road to the park will be flooded soon.  It floods every spring and then after any hard rain during the summer.  Good thing: No cars on the road.  Bad thing: The park also floods, so we can't walk there either.

After our walk it was time to rinse Tibby off.  Tibby is getting very good about 'wait'.  I left her in the tub and went to find her towel.  She didn't move at all!

Even when Catty came to laugh at her (or offer her sympathy?).


Sagira said...

I know, I am hearing we might be getting snow this weekend as well. Major BOO! :(

Tucker said...

I think the lamb came down to Florida - and he brought some hot weather with him. Send the lion!

scotsmad said...

WHERE IS THAT LAMB? Probably holed up with all that rainy weather......BOL!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Catalina said...

LOL! I wish I could find the lion I would send him to you.
It is even worse outside tonight. So cold! I bet it will freeze tonight *sigh*

Wyatt said...

Our March has been yucky too...Rain and cold.

You do look pretty cute in your yellow rain slicker :)


Amy Wood said...

Oh! Hope spring comes your way soon. It is no fun to walk in the rainy & windy weather. But Tibby looks super cute in her rain coat. :)