Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strange Day

Today was just off somehow.
 Tibby and I went hiking again, but it wasn't very much fun.  We set off on our regular path.  We were making pretty good time - even with the slushy snow.  We crossed the final ski path, which always makes me feel better, because I don't have to worry about holding on to Tibby's leash (she just drags it).  Tibby stopped after we crossed the ski path and she wouldn't move.  She growled and barked at something that I couldn't see in the trees.  Freaked me out!!  Tibby NEVER growls.  Ever.  I can count on one hand the number of times she has barked at something.  We turned around and went back up the path toward the car again.  Tibby kept turning around and looking behind us.  This isn't normal behavior for her.

 I was disappointed that Tibby wasn't going to get very much exercise, so I took a side path and we hiked on that for a while.  The path goes through a big open field.  Tibby was frolicking along through the snow.  I was sinking in the snow!  Yuck!  We got to the tree edge and Tibby went alert again.  Barking, growling, running away and then back to me.  Generally telling me,  "Let's get out of here!"

We slogged our way back to the first path and went back to the car.  She kept looking behind us the whole time we were in the forest on the path.  When we got to the road and started walking back to the car she was fine.  Very scary.  I figure she can see, hear and smell more things than I can. 

Maybe it was coyotes?   There were some very near us last Fall.  Super scary.  When you are alone (with Tibby) and they are howling and barking all around you.  Not fun. 
My friend (Zoe's Mom) always carries a knife and a gun when she goes hiking.  And now you know not to sneak up on her when she's hiking!  LOL!

We went home and took a nap with Catty.  Best part of the day!  Tibby is so funny.  She gets underneath the covers and sleeps with her head on the pillow. 

We trained a couple times today.  It wasn't great.  Tibby didn't want to work with any props - steps, skateboard.  She did heeling, weaving between my legs and some other tricks.  Before our hike we worked on the box.  Finally got 4 feet into the little box!  Twice!  Then she went back to only 2 feet.  We did have fun tugging/ chasing.  I bought Tibby a new purple tug toy.  She loves it!  OK I guess it was a good training day.  Just a little strange.

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