Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring? Where?

"Spring?  Where?  Over there?"

"Over here?"
"Nope.  Haven't seen it."

So Tibby has decided that she will not go potty in the backyard.  The melting snow is revealing various thing, scattered around the yard, that I forgot about.  It looks like a pottery serial killer decided to use my backyard as a burial site.  These half buried things scare Tibby.  Fine.  We are back to 4-6 walks a day (or more, it's nice outside!).  Great.  Except.......I have to wash Tibby's feet, legs and belly after EVERY single walk.  All the sand, salt and muck from 6 months of snow has melted into the road.  It is nasty.  Also, I am apparently the only person in the WHOLE city that picks up after my dog.  There are literally piles of dog poop all over the streets and sidewalks.  I should take pictures of it - you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it.  Some people must throw the poop from their yards into the street.  There is an excess of poop in front of certain houses.  I've lived in a few places.  This city has hardly any rules and rarely enforces any of them.  There aren't any poop laws - apparently!

In other news.....anyone else love to pluck ear hair?  I finished plucking Tibby's ear hair a couple days ago.  I spread it over 2 days, so she wouldn't get sick of it.  She slept through it both times.  I had my headband flashlight thingy and my tweezers - looked like I was doing surgery on poor Tibby!  I just love to get way down in the ear, find a little wax/hair and yank it out.  One thing that no one mentioned when I was thinking about a Tibetan Terrier - they don't shed, so their ear hair keeps you are going to have to pluck that out. 
Tibby is so tired tonight.  We took 5 walks today and one was for almost 2 hours.  Yay Spring!


Anna the GSD said...

Mom hates when people don't pick up puppy poo!! Dude! Pick up the Poo!!!

Hopefully as the yuckies outside will be gone soon!

Sagira said...

I have to admit our backyard looked pretty bad after all the snow melted but we did go out and pick up and got it all back under control now. :)

Catalina said...

Yeah I wish I could clean up back there, but everything is still frozen into the snow or to the ground. Also, I don't have any grass planted's a work in progress :)