Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Today is Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day.  I love looking at Petfinder.  Not that I'm looking for another dog, but it makes me appreciate my puppy more (somehow) and I love looking at dogs.
So for today:
Tibetans looking for loving homes.
Click the pic to go to their petfinder page.
Daisy: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Bristol, WI
Daisy is 7 and looking for a home after her owners had kids.
 Fostered in Illinois
LilBit- Private Adoption: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Wadsworth, OH
This is one that has bothered me for a long time.  Lilbit is 4 years old and deaf.
  She does not play with toys.  ????
Lives in Ohio.
Speedy: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Charlotte, NC
Speedy just turned 1.  He lost his home after his owner died.
 Fostered in North Carolina.
Bobby McGee: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Cave Creek, AZ
Bobby McGee  What a pretty boy!
Fostered in Arizona.
Misty: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Portland, OR Enlarge Photo
Misty is 5 1/2 months old.  A little baby!
So cute!
Fostered in Oregon.
Keika: Tibetan Terrier, Dog; Anchorage, AK
Keika has 2 blue eyes!  She is 2 years old and in Alaska.
Good thing or I might be tempted....
There are many more Tibetan Terriers on petfinder.  They get added everyday.  The sad ones are the CA high kill shelter postings.  So sad.
Now this last one isn't a TT, but I really like this little boy.  Not sure why, but here he is.
Snowball: Australian Shepherd, Dog; Elk River, MN
Snowball.  He is an Aussiedoodle.  Australian Shepard x Poodle. 
He was rescued from a puppy mill.  He is very shy.  He hates to be crated - just like Tibby.
 Fostered in Minnesota.

Well, there they are!  Looking for a friend?  Check out Petfinder!

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Catalina said...

All of these puppies are still looking for homes :(