Tuesday, March 15, 2011


How creepy would this be?  I just checked Tibby's breeder's website.  They had a cute black/sable/white male for sale.  Someone who bought a puppy from Tibby's litter just bought him.  AND they live in my town.  AND they live like 4 blocks from my parents.  Internet = way to easy to look people up.  Creepy if Tibby and I walk by their house a few times?  Wouldn't it be fun to have a TT playdate?  Hmmmmm
I can't even imagine having 2 puppies in the house.  Lots of work.  Fun.  But lots of work.

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Shannon said...

In my city there are three families with TTs from the same breeder and some of us have become best friends. I take care of their dogs when they go out of town.

I think it's cool to have play dates. No other dog plays like a TT!