Monday, March 14, 2011

Tibby's Photo Shoot - Day 10

The 10th picture.

I LOVE this photo too!
I just wish Tibby looked a tiny bit happier! LOL!
She was sitting on a wooden folding chair and the chair was on a 3 foot high platform.
I was so terrified that she would decide to jump off and hurt herself.
So what I was thinking during this shot, "Please hold still!  Wait!  Wait!  Don't jump!"
I like the skirt in this pic, because it covers Tibby's naked little tummy.
I still can't belive that she sat for this photo.  I basically slipped the skirt, beads and boa on her and then just plopped her in the chair.  She looked at the camera and sat perfectly still.  Amazing, because she was zooming around the studio in between outfit changes.

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