Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tansy Gotcha Day

Today is Tansy's Gotcha Day!
I have had the little guy for 1 year. 
This time last year I was going into the feed store a couple of times a week, just to look at the bunnies.  I kept telling myself,  "You don't need a bunny.  You're just looking, but you don't need a bunny."  Yeah.  Right. 
So every week I would go in to the feed store and every week the bunnies would be sold out.  Week after week after week.  Then one week there were 2 white bunnies with red eyes.  But I didn't want to separate the little bunnies.  I also didn't want a Red Eyed White (AT ALL!!).  Hmmmm, and Kiwi?  Yeah.  Never say you will never do/have/be something.  Kiwi is the sweetest REW ever! 
Back to Tansy.
The next week there was one tiny brown bunny in the bin.  It was all by itself.  It was flopped over on its side watching the people go by.  I put my hand into the bin and it crawled right into my hand and sat there.  I picked it up and it sat there.  I really wanted this bunny!!!
But I didn't buy it.
I left and did some errands.  If the bunny was still there when I went back - it was meant to be.  If he wasn't there?  It wasn't meant to be.
It was still there!!!
You might notice that I keep calling him an 'it'.  Baby bunnies are very hard to sex.  Tansy was in the 'Female' bin when I bought him.  I couldn't see any male signs until a couple of days before he was ready to be spayed.  Even then I wasn't positive.  When I dropped him off to be spayed I told the vet,  "I think Tansy might be a boy.  So maybe it will be a neuter?" 
That's why Tansy has a 'girl' name. 
Too bad, because I have a really good boy name that I want to use someday.
I couldn't use it on Kiwi, because obviously as a New Zealand White he had to be called Kiwi!
Finding out Tansy was a boy was very hard.  I had all sorts of pink toys, blankets and pillows for him.  I had thought of him as a girl for 3 months.  I actually called him 'my sweet little girl' for those 3 months!!!
Poor Tansy. :P
Now some pictures!


Catty and Tansy.

Big boy resting.

Garden bunny!

Catty and Tansy pre-friends.  I was afraid to let them be together, because Catty has killed wild rabbits before.  I went on vacation and the pet sitter came home one day to find Catty and Tansy chilling on the couch together.  I guess they decided that they wanted to be friends.

When I still thought he was a she.

Baby Tansy with his stuffed bunny buddy.

Really baby Tansy.
See why I fell in LoVe with him?!?

Sleeping in my arms.

Ittle wittle baby Tansy.
  First night at home.
Tansy baby!

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