Thursday, March 17, 2011


"This is my rug."

"Ahhhhhh, my rug is fabulous!"

"Keep watch while I sleep."

"It's so nice and quiet when the cat goes to sleep."

"This is my rug now."

Earlier Catty did something very funny.  Tibby sat down next to Catty on the rug.  Catty was ticked, so she got up and went to the far side of the deck.  Then she rolled around like it was the best spot in the world.  Of course, Tibby got up to investigate this new spot.  As soon as Tibby got up and walked over to the new spot Catty zipped back to the rug and flopped all over it.  And who's the manipulative one?


Anna the GSD said...

Oooh....Tibby, you have to watch those kitties!!! Mia will run behind the loveseat, and while I'm waiting for her to come out, she sneaks out the other side!! Boo!!

Catalina said...

What a sneaky kitty!