Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bark In the Park

We survived Bark In the Park!

I didn't get to pass out my fliers with Ellie's info.  Everyone that stopped to pet her said they had enough dogs.  But I tried!  They were both good.  Considering the situation - tons of people, tons of dogs, outside, noisy, food every where. 

My Dad with Ellie.  She how cute she is in her vest?

Tibby sees a dog going down stairs.

The girls.  I think it's funny they looked a little bit like that elderly couple in front of us.

This is when we were waiting for the dog parade.  The Bark In the Park was hosted by the local humane society.  They had a lot of adoptable dogs there.  They were jealous of Ellie's cute vest!  You can see the ones that they made for the adoptable dogs - upper left corner.  They are green vinyl adult bibs with "Adopt Me, Please" written in magic marker.  Some of the Humane Society volunteers asked about Ellie's vest and I told them how to make one.  They are going to make some for a parade on Sat.


While we were waiting I taught her a new trick.  "Jump"  She can jump straight up in the air now on cue - about 5 feet up.  I have to get it on video.

While we were waiting Ellie decided that this was the perfect time to try playing with Tibby.  Tibby was not pleased.  I had to separate them a few times.  It's hard for me to tell what is playing and what is going toward fighting.

Ellie is so relaxed in this very stressful environment.  Nothing scares her.

Zoe and her Mom.  They are now an official Hospice therapy team!

At the end of the doggie parade.  SO MANY DOGS.  Wow.  If I wasn't trying to get Ellie adopted I would have never done that.  It was "slightly" difficult to navigate 2 dogs through that crowd, but we managed.

Full stadium of people and dogs.

"I'm cute and friendly!  Adopt me!"

"Wa' baseball?"

She liked to rest down underneath the seat.

Tibby sat on my lap.  She didn't want to play with Ellie.

Tibby is huggable!

Ellie and Zoe say "hey".

They had little events on the field between innings with different dogs.

Zoe and her Mom.

Zoe's Mom had a squeaky toy for Zoe and Ellie was OBSESSED with stealing it.

She is also very good at finding ANY dropped food.



"I like baseball!  Balls!"

She's resting her little feet on the seat in front of us.

Watching the game

"Is that an old M&M?  Food!"

"Don't forget I'm cute too!"

Ellie watched the people behind us for the longest time.  She was very interested in the little boy sitting a few seats behind us.  She likes kids a lot!

Now I have 2 very tired dogs.  After we walked home I let the girls run their stress out in the backyard.  Zoom!  They had a nice long game of chase.  Ellie also played some fetch. 

Now unfortunately she is in a covered crate.  I gave her a treat of a frozen turkey neck and she had an issue of growling/snapping at Tibby.  Tibby was just walking by Ellie's crate - she doesn't like turkey necks.  I covered the crate and she stopped, so I hope that will be OK.

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