Friday, June 22, 2012

Tibby and Ellie Playing

My favorite part is when Tibby sits on Ellie's head.  Classic Tibby move.

They are playing all the time now!  I think Tibby must have been sore, because now she is constantly asking Ellie to play.  Tonight Ellie was rolling around playing with her ball, Tibby kept going up to her and putting a paw on Ellie's back or neck and then running away.  She finally got Ellie to chase her.  After a few minutes she decided that she wanted a break, so Tibby jumped in my lap!  I was like, "Hey I saw you bugging Ellie, you asked to be chased!"

They are very cute - they make me laugh all the time with their silliness.

I bought a few different toys to try with Ellie today.  The wubba was fun, but the squeaky Frisbee and the other squeaky toys are just okay.  There is something about the kong tennis balls that she finds really, really fun.  Glad I had a few laying around!

Ellie likes to tug!  We played with the wubba and she is an excellent tugger.  We had been tugging with the kong ball, but that is a little difficult!  My fingers like to stay away from her teeth ;)

She had a little noisy complaining about being in the crate after we came in this evening from playing.  She settled down after 15 mins.  Sorry Ellie freedom to counter surf is not an option.

She is doing SO much better with door manners.  I wish I had a video of her the first night to compare to now.  She waits to be released out the door and back in - without rushing the door.  BIG improvement.  Door entering and exiting is -Tibby, me, Ellie in/out last. 

She also has learned to go into her crate without a fight.  At first she would put the brakes on BIG TIME when I told her to go in her crate.  Now I say 'crate' and she runs inside - and waits for her snack. 

I bought her an Ellie strength bone to chew.  It made her very happy.  

In Tibby news - she needs to get groomed and I think she might have to go short.  Just for a while.  Between rolling in the dirt and running through the dew/rain with Ellie plus it's growing REALLY fast right now.  She just has too much coat.  I think she would be more comfortable short.  It's such a thick coat to carry around in the summer.

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