Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faster Fetching Foster

Ellie likes to fetch!  Every time we play, she gets better at bringing it back.  When I picked her up yesterday I asked, "So what kind of toys does Ellie like?"  And I was told, "Oh, she doesn't really like toys.  Yeah it's too bad she doesn't have any toy drive.  We had a flyball home looking at her, but she just isn't interested in balls.  Yeah, too bad."

LOL!!  I think she likes balls just fine! 

Tibby likes having her own personal dog to chase ;)  Although she was lagging waaaay behind when we went out again tonight.  She even sat down and just watched Ellie run after the ball.  Maybe she's a little sore???

We also went for a walk today.  I would have taken pictures, but juggling two leashes, two full poop bags AND a camera would have been too much for me.  They walked together very nicely.  Tibby was completely relaxed - zero reactive episodes or even coming close to having one.  She looked at a jogger that was running up behind us, but wagged her tail at HIM (!!) and was relaxed and happy.  Ellie is cute - whenever we stopped (Tibby sniffing, me changing hands with the leashes), she would sit down and wait for us.

I definitely see the border collie in her and the Australian Shepard.....not so much the lab.  Except she likes water a lot - to walk through and maybe swim???

The only 'issue' has been chewing.  I gave her a Kong and she chewed it in half in 2 seconds.  I gave her a bully stick and she ate it in 5 mins.  I gave her an antler and she isn't chewing it.  So somewhere between antler and bully stick I need to find the perfect chew for her.

I'm just waiting for her to feel comfortable....for the honeymoon to end!  She has been an angel in the crate.  She didn't say ANYTHING for the first 24 she's doing a little pouting - Why does Tibby get to walk around?  Not fair!  Hey Tibby doesn't chew kongs in half, baby.


scotsmad said...

Sounds like she's settling in. Hope the honeymoon period lasts.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Jenn said...

She looks like an all-around sport dog candidate. You're out there in the rain and it's not bothering her. I see flyball, agility and dock diving potential.

She definitely loves the fetch. And she's super cute. Hope she finds her home real quick!

Catalina said...

I hope so too!

Kari in Vegas said...

sounds like she is settling in!

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