Saturday, June 9, 2012

Project Puppy

I should know better.  If anyone says, "Hey want to go look at a litter of puppies?"  I should just RUN! 

So last Tuesday one of my friend's said, "Hey, I heard about these free Border Collie puppies on a farm.  What to go check it out?"  It's well known that I'm the crazy dog person in my group of friends.  We didn't have anything to do that afternoon and there is a good ice cream place in a town near the farm, so we went to see the puppies.  Did I mention that it was an hour drive?

I'm making this story shorter:  We got there and the puppies were in bad shape.  On Thurs. I brought them some puppy food, because they didn't have any.  The mama dog was trying to feed all 8.  I contacted the Border Collie Rescue of MN and they said they could help out.  Today I went and told the guy that I could take the puppies and find them homes.  I think he heard that and now thinks they are worth something, so he said he would let me know in 2 weeks - after his daughter, who is on vacation, comes back and picks out her puppy.

Ok whatever.  At least they have the puppy food that I brought them to eat.

I'll let the pictures do the talking now....

Mama dog and her sister - They are BC/Old English Sheep dog.  They kind of look like PWD too.  The dad of the puppies is unknown.  Maybe a brown wrinkly dog???? Not sure what kind of dog that would be

Mama dog

Video of puppies nursing.  They are so sweet :)  There is my favorite one that always comes over and wants to be picked up.  She comes over to me near the end of the video.

Puppies' aunt

Can you see the puppies?


This is my favorite one.

Puppies eating.

Hopefully things turn out OK for these little pups.  We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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Diana said...

They are very cute. they don't look like border collies to me. Poor dogs. The sad thing is , she will have another litter because they probably won't get her fixed. Sad,sad,sad.