Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stroller Strong

We tried out the stroller today for the first time.  I LOVE THIS STROLLER!
It's awesome.  I don't care if people point and stare - this is a great idea.  It's like a crate on wheels!

And Tibby LOVES it.  Of course.  Every princess should have one. 

 We went to another race with my Mom today.  Having the stroller along was perfect.  Tibby felt safe in the stroller and she wasn't scared of all the *gasp* possibly dangerous strange men walking around.  Strange men are her #1 fear/reactive trigger.  She looked around and licked her kong.  When she felt like it I let her hop out of the stroller and walk around.  We took a few walks around while we were waiting for my Mom to cross the finish line.  When the crowd gathered around for the awards ceremony -Tibby sat in her stroller and wasn't tripping/sniffing/jumping on people.  She could see everything, but I didn't have to worry about her.  It was great!

She also met a few kids.  3 boys and a girl.  Everyone wants to know Why is your dog in a stroller?  It was nice, because Tibby was sitting at the same level as the kids.  They weren't bending over her or trying to hug her.  She could move away from them, if she wanted to, and they couldn't reach her at the back of the stroller.  I didn't have to worry about her jumping up and smacking them in the face! 

My Mom and Tibby


My Mom won first in her age group again.

Hot and tired from our stroller adventure!

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Pamela said...

I think the stroller is a great idea for all the reasons you mentioned.

We have a Doggy Ride bicycle trailer we're trying to teach Honey to ride in. She's not too fond of it so far but we have high hopes.

Anyway the Doggy Ride company has an attachment that converts it to a stroller for people who like to run with their dogs longer distances than their dog could be expected to do.