Sunday, October 31, 2010

These Paws Are Mine

I love the way Tibby uses her paws.
She reminds me of an otter sometimes.

"Hmmmm, is this an ear of corn?"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tibby's First Snow

This was the first time Tibby had ever seen snow.

It was just a dusting, but she thought it was kinda strange.

And yummy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Morning Carrot

I let Tibby out to potty in the morning and she found a carrot in the garden.
I had missed it the day before, when I was harvesting the carrots.
She snuck it inside and ate it in the bathroom.
I have no idea why she picked the bathroom!

Tibby, like lots of puppies, likes to flip her chew toys into the air.
Carrot meet toilet.  Toilet meet carrot.  Tibby say goodbye to Carrot!

Don't worry she was able to find more carrots outside.
Silly puppy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tibby's Graduation

These are pictures from Tibby's Beginning Obedience Graduation.

Tibby says "Hi!" to Pearl's mom and then to Pearl.

Trying to heel.

This little brown dog's name is Mocha, he won 1st place in the puppy group.
We didn't win anything. :(  I thought we did a really good job, but we didn't get a ribbon.

Sit stay.
That white/grey dog in the corner was called Sliver.  She was 9 years old!  She was a retired show dog.  We couldn't say "Hi" to her though, her owner said she didn't like other dogs.

Isn't Tibby cute?!?  We worked hard on sitting straight, so the instructor wouldn't yell at us.

Down stay.
That tea cup poodle in the background was named Midnight.  It won 3rd place in the puppy class.  Yes, it is on its back.  I think the rating was rigged.  Look at Tib's excellent down/stay!!

Good eye contact!  Which is something they never taught in class.  They said eye contact was dominance and we should make sure our dogs weren't dominate to us.  :( Wrong.

In class Tibby had a hard time with down.  Now that we have started to learn with the clicker she does down all the time (maybe too much).

Tibby and my mom.