Monday, April 29, 2013

The Last Snow Pictures!

I forgot I had these pictures from last week.

It was 70F today!  So no more snow - yay!

Look at Dhali's rabbit run LOL!!

I gave Dhali a bath tonight and now he is in his crate telling the world how unfair life is.  And I say.....someone needs to remember how to be quiet in his crate!
Tibby didn't get a bath, because she doesn't roll in the grass, dig holes, explore underneath the deck and crawl into every nook and dusty cranny! 
Tibby is laying in my lap, dead asleep and making my legs fall asleep.  She likes to have special snuggle time while Dhali is drying off.  

Here is some soap I made this week:

Just wanted to show it off!  I made it for my Dad.  It's the only soap he has ever requested me to make.  It has 20% pine tar in it.  It's supposed to be good for dry skin/psoriasis.  He tried a bar that his brother sent him and he thought it helped his psoriasis, so he asked me to make some for him.  I hope he likes it! 

1 comment:

asta said...

Tibby and Dhali
I hope yoo had loads of fun in that last snow. We had sum snow thwee weeks ago, then it tuwned into summew. So weewd.
That soap looks bootiful and I'm shoowe it will be tweasoowed and help wif that p sowiasis
Smoochie kisses