Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favorite Tibby Video

I was feeling nostalgic last night and re-watched this video.  It is still my favorite Tibby video.  She was so small!  Catty looks huge next to her.  Awww I miss baby Tibby :(  I knew she would grow up fast and I tried to treasure every baby puppy moment, but it STILL went by way too FAST. 

Caution!  Do not watch if you are prone to puppy fever!
I know I'm thinking about baby Tibetans......but I'm always thinking about them!


meredith said...

Keep things the way they are. Two great pets that get along. Don't mess with the balance. You are a wonderful owner. Tibby Is very very lucky. You give her a very full life. Enjoy!

scotsmad said...

That is sooooo cute! They are puppies for far too short a time.

What a good sport the cat was!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Kristin G. said...

There's nothing like puppy energy to make a household more interesting. Tibby was an adorable pup. What a sweet, sweet face. xoxo

Catalina said...

This is too funny I posted this video 2 weeks ago. I wonder why it suddenly showed up again?

Wyatt said...

Tibby, what a nice relationship you have with Catalina!! She seems actually like you...Wow!!