Saturday, May 14, 2011

CPE Trial and Greener Pastures

We went to watch another agility trial today.  We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours.  That was long enough for Tibby.  She was a little bit whiny.  She had her tail wagging the whole time, so I think she was just excited about all the people and dogs.  There was one tiny toy poodle that she was obsessed with.  The toy poodle and its owners were sitting near us for a while and Tibby stared and stared at it.  Then when they left she very intently watched them walk down the stairs and out the door.  She was actually the most relaxed when she was watching other dogs run.  When the people were moving the equipment around she was the most whiny and trying to walk around.  She walked up and down on the seat in front of us and sat there by herself for a while.  She ate some treats and pulled her tug toy out of my purse, but didn't want to tug.  Mostly she sat on my lap.  I took her out for a potty break/water break twice.

It was very different from the last trial we went to.  I saw a lot of people I wouldn't want to play with (if I was a dog).  There were also a few comments from the people that were sitting behind us that were not nice.  At one point a girl was running a small poodle in (I think) Gambler's and the buzzer sounded.  I don't think she heard the buzzer, but anyway - she then went to the weaves and the judge whistled and she finished her run.  Obviously I don't understand everything that was going on!  But the guy behind us said,  "Well, she wasted time and then she wasted OUR time."  It just sounded mean.  Especially, because I will probably be that girl some day!  Making mistakes.........

Here we are watching the trial. Part of our assignment for the ST puppy class is to take our dogs to places where there are a lot of people. This was our event for the week.

Tibby was tired!  After we got back from the trial we went to a friend's farm and Tibby ran around.  Another assignment for the ST class is to have your dog run very fast and then name it.  I'm using "run run".  Also worked on recalls. 

I didn't try to train with Tibby tonight.  She had a big day.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to see the good side of agility today. Usually CPE people are very relaxed and easy going. At least it was a good training opportunity for Tibby!!

Are you going to be at the NADAC trial next Fri-Sun?? I'll only be there Friday evening but would love to see you!

Catalina said...

Laura! I was looking for you and Vito and Lance! I kept checking all the corgis out :)
Today wasn't bad! I had a lot of fun!
It was fun to watch and MOST of the people were really nice. Like 99.9%. I was just so suprised that the guy behind us would keep saying mean things. All the agility people I have met have been SO NICE and SUPER friendly, so it was a surprise.
It was also nice when people would clap and cheer for people.
Really it was fun! :) I would love to do CPE some day, it looked like a good group of people.

Catalina said...

I work Fri,Sat,Sun next week so I can't go to that one.

Someday we are going to get to meet in real life! LOL!

Sagira said...

Looks like you guys had a great day. I think we are going to do CPE with Bokeh since he can't do AKC

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Always some bad apples in the bunch.

Finances are pretty much non existent right now so I'm being really picky about what venues and trials I want to do. I like NADAC better than CPE so that might win out completely this year.

You should consider working some trials to start earning vouchers for your future shows!