Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone Had Fun Today

Oh, my goodness!  This is how the story goes.....Tibby and I were outside all day today working in the yard/garden.  Tibby had a fun day of digging holes and then running away when I caught her digging holes.  Finally this evening I took Tibby inside and washed her feet off.  They were a little bit dirty.  Then I went outside to plant grass seed in an area I had raked and carefully smoothed out.  Can you see where this story is going?  So I was outside and Tibby was inside - BARKING HER HEAD OFF.  Yes.  She does not like to be left inside when there is obviously so much more fun to be had outside.  Finally I let her outside, but I made her sit on the porch.  She could watch, but NO TOUCHING OF THE GRASS SEED!!!  At this point I was sprinkling pelleted mulch over the grass seed.  Tibby was so good.  She sat on the porch and watched.  When I went to get some more mulch she followed right behind me and then went back up on the porch.  Yes, I was lulled into believing she was SO well behaved.  So I set up the sprinkler and turn it on.  Tibby loses her ever loving MIND.  She LOVES the sprinkler. 
This is a dog that hates to get her feet wet.  She jumps over tiny puddles on our walks. 
She starts tearing through the freshly planted grass seed at top speed.  Around and around and around.  Running to the sprinkler and then dashing away when she gets sprayed.  Of course, she is NOT going to come to me and go inside.  Are you crazy!?!?  It is so much fun to run around in the mud!!!  
Finally I get smart and turn off the sprinkler.  Then I go inside and she barks a couple of times and finally decides to come running into the house.  I snatch her up at the door and plop her in the bath tub. 
I could not be mad at her, because she was having so much fun!  It was really hilarious.  Too bad about the grass seed. 

"I'm dying of thirst! Where's the water?!?   The sprinkler?  Was that water?"

black socks

"I told you I was thirsty!"

Tibby drinks her bath water.  Yuck.  Hey she also eats dirt - what can you do?

"I would like out now please.  There is a bed I need to roll in."

Can you see my grass seed floating in the water? 

So now Tibby is all tired and she is passed out on the couch.  What a day.


24 Paws of Love said...

Sounds like a blast!! That is too funny that she loves the sprinkler!! Cracks me up BOL! I bet it was so worth it, even if it meant a bath at the end of the day. :)

scotsmad said...

I suppose the bath was worth it to her! That's some muddy water she's left behind.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Schnauzer Days said...

Respect to you Tibby!! We're very impressed with that story, who needs a lawn anyway when you can have fglorious mud to race around in hee hee! Dex & lou x

Sagira said...

Eww...that is some icky bath water and muddy feet. hehe

Anna the GSD said...

That, my friend, is some impressive bath water!! Wowza!! I like to chase the hosepipe, but you took it to a new level! BOL!