Monday, May 23, 2011

Lesson 4 Week 2 Puppy/Tricks Class

What I said,
"1 I showed you Tibby’s crazy running in that video for the foundations class.

2 Tibby is moving in both directions now. I wait until she is doing good circles in both directions, but what is the next step? We are so far behind that I missed what you told other people.

3 Can’t do yet. Still working on back up 2o2o

4 I don’t think she knows why I’m clicking yet, but this is a fun trick. Also, she likes to steal the bowls

5 Tibby offered to sit up and hold the pole. I don’t know if we are doing this right?

6 I showed you last time - still working on it.

Other things: I have been working a lot with Tibby outside. Just easy tricks. Also, on our walks I bring one of her balls along and when she recalls to me nicely then I throw the ball and we race to it together. Tibby thinks this is super fun! I just want her to get used to working outside.

I had the video all made and ready to put on youtube, but I forgot to save it and my computer ate it! So this is the 2nd time I made the video and I was in a hurry, but almost everything fit in the 2nd time too. I wanted to show you our trip to an agility trial last weekend and Tibby trying to close drawers (she doesn’t like drawers)."

What Silvia said,
"Great job! Congratulations to the other direction! Once you have full circles, position yourself next to the target so that she can’t pass you and click for coming all the way to your leg. Getting there with stepping backwards too, slowly raise that pillow by putting some books underneath. She is picking up those bowls great, time to help her less with the positioning of the other bowl so that she needs to think some more! Getting there with the hug too, you’re doing it right, just select for a paw (or both) deeper&deeper around now. Her doors slams are GREAT, she definitely likes that! Why do you think she doesn’t like drawers, I would guess doors move more and make more sound, that’s why it doesn’t make sense to me? Also, GREAT to hear she likes her ball also outside, we will sure need that for Foundation class!"

Then I posted this second video

I said,
"Watching agility and closing drawers. Tibby really didn’t like closing the drawers. It was the first time we had tried a drawer and it was at my parent’s house. The drawers are also really heavy. There is a big difference between her closing the doors at my house this week and this video (which was done last week). Also I was rewarding with food and Tibby likes her ball better!

We stayed at the agility trial for about 2 1/2 hours. That was long enough for Tibby. She was a little bit whiny. She had her tail wagging the whole time, so I think she was just excited about all the people and dogs. There was one tiny toy poodle that she was obsessed with. The toy poodle and its owners were sitting near us for a while and Tibby stared and stared at it. Then when they left she very intently watched them walk down the stairs and out the door. She was actually the most relaxed when she was watching other dogs run. When the people were moving the equipment around she was the most whiny and trying to walk around. She walked up and down on the seat in front of us and sat there by herself for a while. She ate some treats and pulled her tug toy out of my purse, but didn’t want to tug. Mostly she sat on my lap.

I’ve tried to find places to take Tibby, so she will be comfortable, but it’s difficult to find somewhere like an agility trial - SO many dogs and people. June 1st the street market in my town will start again for summer,. I want to try and take her there every week. She seemed to jump back when the drawers closed and acted like she was scared of them. Yeah I would think the doors were noisier."

Silvia said,
" O.k., I can see now, she doesn’t like the drawers so much, but it doesn’t look too bad, I think she would get used to those too and slammed those just as well as the doors. She sure like that! And her ball She seems perfectly fine with the people and noise, it’s normal it gets somewhat boring for the dog to just sit there, but I don’t think she will have problems with that. Definitely take that as an opportunity to try some fun tricks and ball chasing!"

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