Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Great Lesson!

Anyone else see Tibby's mini Alfalfa mohawk?

We had a great lesson today at Loretta's.  We worked on the teeter, RC plank/tunnel, channel weaves and then a sequence.
It was so much fun!
Tibby is smart.  I'm trying. 
I was so surprised that she was able to generalize that Loretta's teeter was just like the teeter we have at home.  The differences between Loretta's teeter and mine:  Mine is 12 inches off the ground - Her's is 25 inches?.  Her teeter plank is twice as long as mine.  Her's is made of wood, mine is made of light weight plastic.  Her's is outside, mine is inside a garage.
Tibby has never been on any teeter other than mine.  She has never been on one outside.  But she happily offered her end teeter behavior and ran up the whole really tall teeter!  She is smart.
I really liked to see that she remembered her RC plank work too.  We haven't done anything with that in a long time.  We were able to raise the plank 2" and have Tibby run through a tunnel.  She stayed on the plank every single time.  She is smart.
Weaves are a work in progress.  I have some good ideas on how to progress with them.  I can bring them in a whole lot closer together.  That's good to know.
The sequence was SO MUCH FUN.  I love running with Tibby.  Really addictive.
I can't believe how far we have come since our first lesson in May.  I think Tibby is doing great!

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