Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy And So Much Fun

Today we had a very busy and fun day.
We left home at 8am and went for an agility lesson.  Tibby did not sleep during the 2 hour drive to Loretta's.  Then Tibby played agility for an hour (including some fun zooming around and some actual agility running).  Tibby did really great!  She is smart.  Smarter than me!
I finally understand the difference between rear crosses and blind crosses.
Also, I don't know why Tibby kept trying to climb the A-frame.  You might remember this video from her last lesson.  She did that again - like 3 times.  Maybe she thinks it's the teeter or the dog walk?  Or maybe she is just curious, "Why can't we play on this too?"
She went through the black tunnel a few times - yay!
She touched the chute fabric - yay!
She came back to me (most of the time) - yay!
She waited at the start line (and released to a jump) - yay!
She whipped through the weaves with the channel closed more - yay!
She did some teeter bangs and hopped up onto the teeter - yay!
She let me practice a sequence with front crosses/rear and blind crosses (and I only ran into her once) - yay!

I think she did great.
She had a fun time too.  She makes me laugh.  :)

After our lesson we went to Petsmart.  I was looking for things to put in our package for a gift exchange on the small dog forum.  I didn't find anything :(  The pup we are exchanging with has food allergies to wheat/corn and can only have salmon.  They didn't have any treats that would work and none of the toys looked like something he would like. :(
Tibby had a nice time in Petsmart.  She got to ride around IN THE CART!!  She rode in the cart and I shopped.  I made her sit in the cart and I gave her hotdog pieces for staying still and putting up with the movement.  She did that for about 20 mins. until the hotdogs ran out.  Then I made her walk LOL!  She did great walking next to the cart.  She did better with the cart than I thought she would.  I got some hay for the bunnies, a toy for my Grandma's cat and a little hollee roller toy.  They make some that are even tinier!  They were so cute!  Right now we are going to use it as a food toy. 

Then we went on a 2 hour hike.  It was cold.  We were the only ones in the entire state park.  It was fun!  We explored a new trail.   I just let Tibby do whatever she wanted.  We took a total training break.  I thought she had done enough training.  She sniffed and zoomied and ran and tossed her hair.  She makes me laugh so much!!  Her ears look like a bob and she can toss her head around just like a person.  Soooo cute!
She found a dead skinned deer.  But she decided to follow me and leave the deer alone.  She also found a horse poop snackie.  Mmmm yummy.  Then she gave me a big kiss.  Aaaaaa!  Yuck!

On the way home we stopped at my Grandma's house and gave her the cat toy.

So if you were keeping track:  Tibby was awake and active from 7:30am to 5:00pm.  That's a loooong time for a dog that usually sleeps from 11pm to 4pm!

She is now asleep. 
And I have to wake her up and give her a bath.
Going to the Vet tomorrow.....with Catty.  That should be fun *rolling eyes*


Kari in Vegas said...

That was a VERY busy day :)

Stop on by for a visit

scotsmad said...

Bet she slept well. The bath will seem like a nightmare, though.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy