Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

On Thursday, when we were hiking, I had an epiphany.  Ok maybe not quite that, but it was a definite moment that I will remember.  We had had our agility lesson earlier in the morning and we were having an over all GREAT day.  I was happy.  Tibby was happy.  It was perfect.  As I followed Tibby up a steep hill, I realized that I would be satisfied if this is all we ever get to do.  If I can hike with my best friend and go on adventures with her I will be happy.
I'm not giving up on agility - we have too much fun doing it and Tibby likes to tell me when we haven't done it often enough :P
BUT I would also be happy with just having a companion.
Tibby is REALLY good at being a companion dog.  That's what she was bred to do.  Whether she is crawling into my lap and sitting there for the next hour, laying her head across my legs at night or just leaning against me, she is constantly showing me that she is there for me.  Which is weird, because I'm supposed to take care of her! 

This last week has been very hectic and I feel like we are falling behind in our Silvia Trkman foundation class (again) and the Susan Garrett Recallers class PLUS there are things that we worked at with Loretta that I want to keep up with too.  PLUS all the stuff that is NOT dog related.  Like cleaning out the refrigerator.  Which I should have done a week ago.  Now it really, really needs to be done.  AND everything else!!! 

But I can always make time for my Tibby.
Even if something in the refrigerator waved at me last night. LOL!
Tibby comes first.
After all, she always puts me first.

We have been working on blind and rear crossed.  Um.......needs work.  Tibby is a sweetheart - she tries to clean up after my bad handling, but well, there's only so much she can do!

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I love having 4 great companions :)

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