Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snuggle Time For Us

I made this bed for the pups last week.  Sewed it all by myself!

I think Tibby approves.  Isn't she the prettiest dog?  I'm not sure if it's her cute little nose or the way her marking are shaped, but she is cute!


"Sniff, sniff, pee-you!"

Dhali with Tibby's nose in his mouth.  He does this a lot.

And she does this a lot.  Lick, lick, lick.

Lovies.  They are so jealous of each other.  If Dhali is sitting on my lap, which he likes to do all the time.  Tibby will look at him, sit and wait.  Then if he doesn't get down, she will go pick up a toy or bully stick and of course, Dhali will jump down to take it away from her.  Only Dhali is allowed to have toys or bully sticks - apparently!  Then she jumps up into my lap and snuggles in like a rock.  No one is moving her!  Then Dhali sits and barks at her.  Then, eventually, I have 2 dogs in my lap and finally the cat will come and sit on top of the whole pile.  I feel loved - LOL!

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