Thursday, January 24, 2013

Worst Of Winter

We are working our way through the worst of winter.  -25F and windy.  Too cold for me outside, but the pups seem to still like sitting out on the deck.  Even at night, when it is REALLY cold.  Dhali doesn't have a very thick coat, but he will go outside at 5am and lay in the dog bed on the deck.  The frozen dog bed.

Last Sat., before the temp. dropped to depressing levels, we went with my Mom to a race.  She got first place in her age group!  Again ;)  While they were running the race Dhali and I hung out on the beach and walked on the lake.  It was still pretty chilly, so we also waited in the car to warm up.
Dhali was very suspicious of the small boy wearing a spiky hat with a tail, goggles and carrying a round sled. Also, yelling, "Puppy!  Puppy!"
We walked the other direction on the lake away from that kid!

This is a castle that they build out of ice chunks from the lake.  It has a big sledding hill built into it.  Down the hill and out on to the ice.  It looked like fun!

Another suspicious child with strange ears......

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Diana said...

Great ice pictures. I dont know how you guys do it, Im miserable when is 32 degrees out. LOL