Monday, February 18, 2013

Countdown To Spring!

Cute picture, so you know he's still alive.

Haven't been on the blog lately.  Too busy with the Etsy thing.  Making new stuff and selling and packaging up orders and mailing.  Whew!  It's a lot of work!  Tonight I packaged up 7 orders.  So afraid I would mix the different boxes up.  Which would be bad.  Dhali was 'helping' by trying to get into the package with Green Tripe treats.  Amazingly he can find a box full of green tripe treats in a bag full of packages, but when we play nosegames he can't smell birch for anything!  

I haven't felt like training Dhali very much.  We play every day, all the time.  Nothing formal.  I do a silly face and he comes running to wrestle.  It's really cute.  He's a player and not a treater.  Tibby 100% treater.  Dhali would MUCH rather play than do clicker games with treats.  Most training sessions with treats go like this - Dhali offers something kind of close to behavior a couple times, figures out what the behavior is supposed to be, does a wander around the room, comes back offers behavior, wanders around the room again, comes back for a treat, repeat.

Playing with a toy, on the other hand, is 100% focused and full of crazy energy.  Also, the biting me in the butt has gotten better!  

This is why we play and aren't doing very many tricks.  Also, because I'm lazy.  And I like to play too.

Another reason I haven't been on blogger or reading people's blogs - I'm too competitive.  Any dogs close to Dhali's age that I would read about made me think - why isn't he doing that too?  Because he's the Dolla' Boy that's why!  

Dhali has so many nicknames now.  Mostly I call him Dollar and then DB like deebee.  He responds to them too, so I must say it a lot!  Dollar, Dollar Boy, DB, Baby Boy, Dubya.  So I call Tibby - Tibber and Dhali - Dollar.  Hmmm, it works.

Tibby is doing very well.  She has developed a supreme fascination with the bunnies.  I moved the buns into a rabbit condo and she spends a lot of time watching them.  She still likes to do her own thing, but she hasn't had any more weird behavior in a long time.  She's not afraid of really anything.  She still doesn't like to go downstairs, but otherwise she's pretty normal.  Taking medication, but normal-ish.

I CAN NOT wait until spring!!!  Looking forward to running outside with the DollaWalla (look another new name!) and seeing if our lazy winter playing will turn into some 'real' agility.

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