Monday, February 25, 2013

The Two Opposites

A couple videos!

Dhali showing off what he can do at 9 months.  He's fast!  The first half of the video I have a few treats in one hand and no toy.  Most of the time he can play without a toy and without biting, but sometimes he just can't help himself.  Sometimes he is naughty - then he gets a time out.  He was much better after the time out.  It helps us both to regroup.  He thinks treats are OK, but running fast is so much more fun.  He could live without the treats.  A lot of times we run and play 'agility' without treats or a toy.  Just running around having fun.

Why are the weave poles in front of the tunnel?
Because I moved them over there, forgot they were there and then just left them, because they slow Dhali down a bit.  He's not really weaving, but it helps him to collect a little coming out of the tunnel.

So what is Dhali like at 9 months?  He is the cuddliest whiny nut job I know!
Right now he is leaning up against me with his head on my shoulder.  If he could read I would think he was trying to read this post!

He whines and complains a lot.  Sometimes I can figure out what he's complaining about, but other times he's  just complaining, because he wants to complain or he's bored.

He likes to bring me toys when he's bored.  We play tug and fetch.

He's always ready for a game.  If I even look like I might be thinking about playing he's all over me.  He's a silly happy guy.

Pretty much Tibby's COMPLETE opposite.
Except for the cuddling thing.  She slept on my chest for 2 hours Saturday when we were taking a nap.  She likes to be in my lap ALL the time and gets pretty jealous of Dhali. when he's in my lap instead of her.

Dhali smiles all the time and Tibby sighs all the time.  Glass half full / glass half empty.

I love them both - probably even more because they are SO totally different.

Silly Dhali.
And serious Tibby.  She knows how to do the teeter thatkyouverymuch.  They are both silly in their own ways!  She's so cute with her little attitude.  I'm not sure if you can hear it, but at one point when I try to get her to go to the other end of the teeter she huffs at me, "Duh, I know what I'm doing."

Just recently she's started to want to do some of the stuff Dhali gets to do.  She's really into heeling right now.  Not sure how she learned that, but she can even do backing up heeling.  I was very impressed with her!

After learning agility training with Tibby - slow speed.  I feel like I'm re-learning everything with Dhali - fast speed.  

They are both good dogs :)

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