Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Yes I Did

Now don't freak out, okay?
I remember what happened when Tibby got her hair cut for the first time - oh the hate mail!  Ouch strangers that I will hopefully never meet!
So yeah I cut Dhali's hair. 
At least Tibby got a professional groom and looked half way decent.  Dhali looks cRaZy.  I will not be taking up grooming dogs as a 2nd profession.  

I tried and tried to get him in to be groomed, but no luck.  They both have appts. for the very end of March and that was the earliest appt. they could get.  Hopefully it will have grown a little bit by then and the groomer can even it all out.

Ok and this is only 1/2 done, so yeah I will be getting it evened out some too and doing his feet.

I'm leaving the head and tail long.  Cause I like it that way!

I really like the dogs shaved down - ow! Stop throwing things at me!
Seriously, they are snuggly and soft and they like it when I can scratch their backs/bellies/chins without all the hair in the way.  

I kind of like the boots too, but they will be leaving soon.  He reminds me of a 60's dancer - dancing the boogaloo! 

He looks so skinny and tall now.

Still adorable!  Even with a horrible hair cut - now that's talent.


Unknown said...

He didn't cooperate, did he? Oh my. He's lucky he didn't get nicked, the silly boy.

I like the short trim on these guys, too. I think it's cute!

Unknown said...

Tibby looks GOOD!

Catalina said...

They were both pretty good for their trim, but Dhali had a lot of matts. He was getting frisky and I wanted to end on a good note, so I stopped, but he'll get all done eventually.

jasi said...

Well, get used to it and start practising. And , yes, do not use shaving mashine , but scissors, it will take more time, but result will be better. It loks like Dhalis hair and more straingh, like mine Arki were, so you need to put more effort in it :) i like both versions of TT short and long haired and pracise both also on mine dogs.