Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost 10 Months!

Another video of Dhali!  I made this the day he was having his surgery.  Dhali highlights!  Some form puppy class, some playing with me and some playing outside.  He is fairly awesome :)

Just 3 more days and he will be 10 months old!

He has amazing play skills!  He can play when I'm holding treats and when there are even treats on the ground.  He can switch from wild play to calmer skill learning.  He can tug with Tibby right up in his face.  They were playing chase and he would rather play with me :)  He can focus in a big class group environment.

Awww he's perfect :)

And right now he is ripping apart a pillow....gotta love the naughty :)

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Helen said...

What he's not the bad son? Boy he has long legs, maybe it's just the way he's clipped but he looks tall.