Thursday, March 14, 2013

All The Things

All the things that are happening!  I'm sure I will forget a few.....
Video from last Friday's puppy class, that I forgot to post, oops!

It's a long video, so I'm sure no one is going to watch it, but if you did watch would see - Dhali being a super star puppy!  Sure there were times when he was distracted, but 90% of the time he was paying attention and when I ASKED him to do something, he did it every time.

There were all new puppies in the class again.
There was a class of big dogs running and banging a full height teeter right next to our ring.  It was VERY loud.  Lots of barking and running and people yelling.  Dhali did just fine with all of that.

He wanted to sniff the other dogs, but he wasn't obsessive about it.  He was even able to choose me (and my treats) when another dog came right up to him.  Some people need to have dog space lessons!  Especially children that weigh less than their dogs.  If I'm trying to block your dog from my dog - maybe you should reel your dog in.

He did a tire for the first time - I'm pretty sure it was the first time....

He played with me.  It looks weird in the video, but yes we are playing - I'm not beating him up!

He chased his treats.  This is so he would chase after me and reward him in motion/ make it a game/ect.

He was a good little 9 month old (intact) male puppy.

Speaking of intact.....Dhali gets the snip tomorrow.  I'm kind of sad about it :(

First of all I'm nervous about the surgery.  Second of all, what if not having his jinglejangle makes him not as playful and wild and crazy.  I like the crazy!

But it has to be done.  He still has one stupid retained baby tooth and he has to get that out eventually and he has to be neutered eventually.  I have no idea what he's going to act like after the surgery - cone of shame?  Ha!  Dhali would have that off in 2 seconds.  I made Tibby wear a shirt after her spay, but I don't think that would stop the D-Man.

In other more news.....I signed us up for Silvia Trkman's foundation class.  It was a great class for Tibby and I think it will actually be fun to take it with Dhali.  As long as he doesn't change after the neuter!  Tibby has great agility skills, but doesn't want to show them off.  I hope Dhali will learn great skills and want to show them off every where!

In even more, more news....we were able to sign up for the class because I sold some treats in our shop on Etsy.  Want to buy some treats?!?  Click on that box on the right that says Etsy!  I've gotten a lot of good feedback about them.  I have asked a fellow blogger to review the treats - Helen I am sending them!  I just had to wait for more organic turkey gizzards to get 'harvested'.

Well, I think that is it.  I'm making a video of Dhali playing tonight -  nut version.  And then making another in a couple weeks - nut free.  We will see if there is a difference.


Jenn said...

He should still be himself after.

He's looking so good, it's hard to believe he's only 10 mos!

Helen said...

The little snip doesn't seem to bother them much. Keltic was still a clown.

Diana said...

You guys look really good in class!!! Good luck with his snip.