Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dhali And His Owies

Dhali after his surgery!  He is feeling very good.  In fact I couldn't tell that he had had anything done at all!  He was full of spunkiness.

"I gotz a boo boo on my arm."

"Look At my BOO BOO!"


This is a good use of his wave trick!  Again!  His most favorite trick in the world.  I do not even remember how I started teaching him that!
He's showing off the spot where they gave him his IV.  The vet wrap sort of matches his coat colors :)

Dhali jumping over Tibby.  The vet sent some paperwork home and one of the things they said was, "dogs might be quieter and sleep more."  Nope.  Back to normal Dhali. 

"These are GIRL clothes!"

He has to wear the PJs, because he wouldn't stop licking.  It's just a baby onesie - size 18 to 22 months, if you are looking for the right size.  When Tibby was spayed I went to the store a few times before I found the right size.  I had one left over from when Tibby wore them.  They came in packs of 3 and I used 2 for her - one clean and one being washed, because she leaked a bit from her incision site.  Another good thing about the onesie - keeps everything clean.  Dhali weighs 21.08 pounds - I have no idea how! because he is a little skinny chicken, but that's what the paperwork says.

Once I put the onesie on him Dhali mostly stopped licking.  He licked his legs a little bit, but I don't care about that!  I just don't want the other spot to open up.  It has glue and doesn't have stitches, so that is also nicer than when Tibby had her spay.  Except if it opens.  Then not nice!

Isn't he adorable in his little PJs?!?

They told me to only leash walk him, BUT Dhali thinks me + leash = playtime exciting! Jumping around like crazy!  If I just let him out by himself he walks slowly and goes potty minus the crazy dancing.  

Now did Tibby miss Dhali while he was gone?
"Who is this 'Dhali' you speak of?"

No she did not miss him. 
The first thing she did when I came home without him - grab a bully stick and have a nice long roll on it.  She hasn't been able to do that in a long time, because Dhali always stops her - "That's not what bully sticks are for!!".  So yeah she didn't miss him.  She even wanted to play tug with me - when he wasn't around......but I missed him a ton!  So too bad princess!  He'll be here for a long time.

The spot where his tooth was taken out looks extra gross.  He hasn't let me look really close at it, but there seem to be 4 or 5 stitches?    It looks painful.  He woke me up this morning and I saw him itching at his face, so I gave him his pain meds and he stopped itching.  Now we just have to make it through these next few days!

And we went to a new vet.  I was sick of our old vet and ....I like the new one!  It might be a bit more expensive though.  The total for pre-surgery blood work, heartworm test, nerve block, the actual neuter, IV with IV fluids, dental xrays, dental extraction, pain meds = $400+


Helen said...

Yup, pretty hard to keep them quiet. They get over things pretty quick. We just have to make sure we don't encourage them to be rambunctious.

Diana said...

Glad everything went well. Every dog is different. Miley was ready to go the next day(I didnt let her) . Java took several weeks to feel ok.