Monday, June 17, 2013

Mr Chewy Orijen Treats Review

Mr. Chewy sent Dhali and Tibby a package of treats to review.  They sent them really, really fast!  They said they were sending them and the next day Fed Ex was dropping them off! I was very impressed with the quick delivery.

The treats were very fresh and as you can see Dhali thought they smelled AMAZING!  
"Open the bag!  Open the Bag!"
I like ordering from Mr. Chewy, because they send the treats quickly, the treats haven't been sitting on a shelf in a store for days and they haven't been handled by a bunch of customers in a store.  Plus, I don't have to drive 2 hours round trip to get them!

These Orijen treats are really nice.  I will probably get them again.  They are 100% freeze dried lamb. The treats are smooth and small enough for a big treat.  If they were for a training treat, I would want them to be 1/2 the size or a little bit easier to break in half.  They smell good - nice and fresh - I would put them in my pocket LOL!!

Dhai says, "More Orijen lamb treats please!"

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