Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Punishing You

I went on vacation for 4 days last week.  Dhali was not impressed.  I warned my friend, who was taking care of the pups, to keep Dhali in his crate when she wasn't watching the dogs.  I'm his momma, so I can give him a look or says, "Dubba...." and he knows knock it off or else.  Dhali watching is a skill (apparently) that I have developed without even knowing it!

Well, she felt bad for him and let him stay loose in the house.  He chewed up one of my dress shoes - chewed into tiny, little scraps.  He destuffed the dog bed in my bedroom.  He also was sneaky, stealthy and took a ton of bully sticks and toys outside.  I usually pat him down before I let him outside, but I guess I forgot to tell my friend that.  So many things that I just do naturally now.

Then I came home and now he isn't letting me sleep at night.  *le sigh*  He sits by my bed at night and barks.  I get it, kind of.  It's really, really hot here right now, but at night it's nice and cool - perfect for play time!  Except that I want to sleep, so I can get up in the morning and go to work!  

So I need to tire him out and I thought I had come up with the perfect solution - SWIMMING!  Cool him off and give him some exercise.  So I got a pool - not too big, because I wanted to put it in my 3 seasons porch.  The mosquitoes are SO bad right now.  So the pool is supposed to be 30 inches deep.  Um, he can touch the bottom and walk around.  Hmmmm....I may need to rethink this idea.  
FYI it works great in my porch, just too shallow :(

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