Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chewy Treat Review With Tibby

Tibby got to review these yummy treats from  Why should Dhali get to do all the treat testing??

Question #1: "So Tibby how to you like these Natural Balance Jerky Bars from
Tibby:  "They taste really good.  I will even sit up to get one and I don't do that for every treat.  I like the chicken part and the sweet potato part.  Give me another one or this interview is over."

Question #2:  "Is there anything you would change about these treats?"
Tibby:  "Yes, I hate the plastic bag.  It makes a scary noise and ruins my appetite.  Take the treats out of that dangerous bag, give me the treats and then throw that scary bag away.  Really!  That bag is freaking me out!  No,  I don't want to sit next to it.  Ok, I'm counting to 3 and then that bag had better be gone."  

"I'm not getting rid of the bag.  Question 3?"
"Fine.  I need 2 treats to steady my nerves."

Question #3:  What do you think of the size, shape and texture of these treats?"
Tibby:  "Well, they could be bigger.  You keep breaking them into tiny pieces.  I'm not dumb - hello!  I can see how big they are in the bag.  Texture?  Um, let me try a normal size one and I'll let you know if there is a texture.  Shape is good - it fits in my mouth."

Question #4: "Any finally thoughts?"
Tibby:  Yeah, I'm tired of talking to you and laying next to this scary plastic bag.  Am I getting paid in treats for this interview?  I want to renegotiate my contract!"

Dhali gets to review the next treats - he's not such a DIVA!

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