Sunday, March 31, 2013


Love is in the air
Love is everywhere
Even with a cat and puppy.....

Yes, she is cleaning his face.
And yes, she has her claws out to make him hold still.

I think he likes it...

"Hold still you naughty baby....what a kitten, always trying to get away.  Well, I'm the mama cat and I say hold still!"

"Or else."

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rileys Star - Etsy Shop

Check out this cute Etsy shop!  It's called Rileys Star - awww sweet puppies on jewelry :)

This is my favorite one - Puppies

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty Eyes

Pretty Boy

Pretty New Collar

Give Me Those Pretty Eyes

"You mean like this?"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost 10 Months!

Another video of Dhali!  I made this the day he was having his surgery.  Dhali highlights!  Some form puppy class, some playing with me and some playing outside.  He is fairly awesome :)

Just 3 more days and he will be 10 months old!

He has amazing play skills!  He can play when I'm holding treats and when there are even treats on the ground.  He can switch from wild play to calmer skill learning.  He can tug with Tibby right up in his face.  They were playing chase and he would rather play with me :)  He can focus in a big class group environment.

Awww he's perfect :)

And right now he is ripping apart a pillow....gotta love the naughty :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dhali And His Owies

Dhali after his surgery!  He is feeling very good.  In fact I couldn't tell that he had had anything done at all!  He was full of spunkiness.

"I gotz a boo boo on my arm."

"Look At my BOO BOO!"


This is a good use of his wave trick!  Again!  His most favorite trick in the world.  I do not even remember how I started teaching him that!
He's showing off the spot where they gave him his IV.  The vet wrap sort of matches his coat colors :)

Dhali jumping over Tibby.  The vet sent some paperwork home and one of the things they said was, "dogs might be quieter and sleep more."  Nope.  Back to normal Dhali. 

"These are GIRL clothes!"

He has to wear the PJs, because he wouldn't stop licking.  It's just a baby onesie - size 18 to 22 months, if you are looking for the right size.  When Tibby was spayed I went to the store a few times before I found the right size.  I had one left over from when Tibby wore them.  They came in packs of 3 and I used 2 for her - one clean and one being washed, because she leaked a bit from her incision site.  Another good thing about the onesie - keeps everything clean.  Dhali weighs 21.08 pounds - I have no idea how! because he is a little skinny chicken, but that's what the paperwork says.

Once I put the onesie on him Dhali mostly stopped licking.  He licked his legs a little bit, but I don't care about that!  I just don't want the other spot to open up.  It has glue and doesn't have stitches, so that is also nicer than when Tibby had her spay.  Except if it opens.  Then not nice!

Isn't he adorable in his little PJs?!?

They told me to only leash walk him, BUT Dhali thinks me + leash = playtime exciting! Jumping around like crazy!  If I just let him out by himself he walks slowly and goes potty minus the crazy dancing.  

Now did Tibby miss Dhali while he was gone?
"Who is this 'Dhali' you speak of?"

No she did not miss him. 
The first thing she did when I came home without him - grab a bully stick and have a nice long roll on it.  She hasn't been able to do that in a long time, because Dhali always stops her - "That's not what bully sticks are for!!".  So yeah she didn't miss him.  She even wanted to play tug with me - when he wasn't around......but I missed him a ton!  So too bad princess!  He'll be here for a long time.

The spot where his tooth was taken out looks extra gross.  He hasn't let me look really close at it, but there seem to be 4 or 5 stitches?    It looks painful.  He woke me up this morning and I saw him itching at his face, so I gave him his pain meds and he stopped itching.  Now we just have to make it through these next few days!

And we went to a new vet.  I was sick of our old vet and ....I like the new one!  It might be a bit more expensive though.  The total for pre-surgery blood work, heartworm test, nerve block, the actual neuter, IV with IV fluids, dental xrays, dental extraction, pain meds = $400+

Thursday, March 14, 2013

All The Things

All the things that are happening!  I'm sure I will forget a few.....
Video from last Friday's puppy class, that I forgot to post, oops!

It's a long video, so I'm sure no one is going to watch it, but if you did watch would see - Dhali being a super star puppy!  Sure there were times when he was distracted, but 90% of the time he was paying attention and when I ASKED him to do something, he did it every time.

There were all new puppies in the class again.
There was a class of big dogs running and banging a full height teeter right next to our ring.  It was VERY loud.  Lots of barking and running and people yelling.  Dhali did just fine with all of that.

He wanted to sniff the other dogs, but he wasn't obsessive about it.  He was even able to choose me (and my treats) when another dog came right up to him.  Some people need to have dog space lessons!  Especially children that weigh less than their dogs.  If I'm trying to block your dog from my dog - maybe you should reel your dog in.

He did a tire for the first time - I'm pretty sure it was the first time....

He played with me.  It looks weird in the video, but yes we are playing - I'm not beating him up!

He chased his treats.  This is so he would chase after me and reward him in motion/ make it a game/ect.

He was a good little 9 month old (intact) male puppy.

Speaking of intact.....Dhali gets the snip tomorrow.  I'm kind of sad about it :(

First of all I'm nervous about the surgery.  Second of all, what if not having his jinglejangle makes him not as playful and wild and crazy.  I like the crazy!

But it has to be done.  He still has one stupid retained baby tooth and he has to get that out eventually and he has to be neutered eventually.  I have no idea what he's going to act like after the surgery - cone of shame?  Ha!  Dhali would have that off in 2 seconds.  I made Tibby wear a shirt after her spay, but I don't think that would stop the D-Man.

In other more news.....I signed us up for Silvia Trkman's foundation class.  It was a great class for Tibby and I think it will actually be fun to take it with Dhali.  As long as he doesn't change after the neuter!  Tibby has great agility skills, but doesn't want to show them off.  I hope Dhali will learn great skills and want to show them off every where!

In even more, more news....we were able to sign up for the class because I sold some treats in our shop on Etsy.  Want to buy some treats?!?  Click on that box on the right that says Etsy!  I've gotten a lot of good feedback about them.  I have asked a fellow blogger to review the treats - Helen I am sending them!  I just had to wait for more organic turkey gizzards to get 'harvested'.

Well, I think that is it.  I'm making a video of Dhali playing tonight -  nut version.  And then making another in a couple weeks - nut free.  We will see if there is a difference.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dhali Peed!

Just a quick brag:  We went to puppy agility class tonight and Dhali peed outside during our break!  Yay!  It's the first time he has peed some where new.  Whoo hoo!  I was so proud LOL!  I also got lots of nice video of him, but I'll have to post that tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Yes I Did

Now don't freak out, okay?
I remember what happened when Tibby got her hair cut for the first time - oh the hate mail!  Ouch strangers that I will hopefully never meet!
So yeah I cut Dhali's hair. 
At least Tibby got a professional groom and looked half way decent.  Dhali looks cRaZy.  I will not be taking up grooming dogs as a 2nd profession.  

I tried and tried to get him in to be groomed, but no luck.  They both have appts. for the very end of March and that was the earliest appt. they could get.  Hopefully it will have grown a little bit by then and the groomer can even it all out.

Ok and this is only 1/2 done, so yeah I will be getting it evened out some too and doing his feet.

I'm leaving the head and tail long.  Cause I like it that way!

I really like the dogs shaved down - ow! Stop throwing things at me!
Seriously, they are snuggly and soft and they like it when I can scratch their backs/bellies/chins without all the hair in the way.  

I kind of like the boots too, but they will be leaving soon.  He reminds me of a 60's dancer - dancing the boogaloo! 

He looks so skinny and tall now.

Still adorable!  Even with a horrible hair cut - now that's talent.