Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals? Or Dreams?

Time to wrap up the year again.  Here are the goals I made last year:
  • Grow out and maintain Tibby's full coat - nope!  Didn't happen.  It might this year though - her groomer is moving away.  
  • Finish Recallers course - nope!  Didn't happen
  • Work with desensitization CDs - again, no not really.
  • Get Tibby comfortable in a crate around other dogs - possibly use Lucy for this - I think Tibby made a lot of progress with this one.  Being around other dogs would have been a big step, but she is comfortable in her crate at home and I even crated her for 4 hours when I went to work.  Only once, but still.
  • Stay with Tibby overnight in a hotel - Yes!  We did this.  Two nights in a hotel and I never want to do it again.
  • Volunteer at a trial - Not yet.  I've tried, but people seem to think it is really weird to volunteer, if you don't have a dog showing.  I only tried at an AKC, maybe I will try USDAA instead.
  • Progress to tugging around other dogs - yeah, no.
  • Attend a seminar (signed up for Impossible Dogs seminar in Feb.) - yes we did a bunch of seminars - When Pigs Fly, Daisy Peel, Ann Braue and Loretta Mueller.  Not sure that this was a great idea for Tibby with her stress issues.  Might be why she was getting worse and worse this year.
  • Attend the Tibetan Terrier Nationals in St. Louis and enter a fun run - uh, yeah no.  maybe 2014???
  • Take more online courses - I made this as a goal??  Really checked this one off.  We did a lot of online classes.  Again, not sure if it was good for Tibber, but I learn a lot and it's helping with Dhali's training.
  • Pass the CGC test - ha ha ha ha ha, sorry!  That did NOT happen.
  • Work more on obedience - nope.
  • More clicker training tricks - nope.
  • Hike in 2 new state parks - nope.
  • Take Tibby swimming - I took her to the beach while Dhali was swimming.  I think that counts.  She's so freaked out by water....yeah the beach counts.

    So What DID we do all year???  Not sure.   I need to make a 'what happened round up" post.

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Jenn said...

"try USDAA" or DOCNA, if you have trials for them local. AKC - well.

AKC is going through a reality check these days. Hopefully they will lighten up a little. 'Cause, man - I think some of those folk sh*t diamonds. Really need to lighten up.

(their little noses go so high in the air when I bring my mutts to trials) *sniff*

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

A big year of learning what Tibby needs. Hard.

Most clubs around here that put on USDAA, NADAC, and CPE trials offer vouchers for volunteering so you definitely should start! I've worked several trials even if I'm not entered since otherwise I can't afford to show. I help the most at MAC and MMBC shows, but Agile Canines also offers vouchers.