Saturday, December 8, 2012

Show Day

Our first real dog show!  What a day.  I'm tired!  It was fun and I met a lot of nice people.  I learned so much.  Dhali was a super good relaxed boy.  He put up with tons of fussing/grooming for hours and thought all the people and dogs were OK.  While we were waiting to go into our ring he laid out totally flat on the floor, put his head down and just chilled in the middle of people and dogs walking every where around him.

He is such a good even tempered little guy.  Later he decided to lay down on his side a take a little nap in the middle of every thing.  If he can relax at a dog show - he can relax anywhere!   It was crazy.  Very over whelming!  I'm glad there was a little Tibetan camp set up and I could meet some other TT people.  It would be very scary to be all on your own at your first show.

I know flooding isn't always a good training idea, but I don't think today hurt Dhali at all.  In fact it made me realize that all the work I have put in to taking him places has been worth it!  Really proud of my little man :)

I told him this morning - I don't care what happens.  I love you no matter what and you are perfect and the best puppy in the world.  Let's just have fun. (and I gave him a bunch of kisses on top of his little head)

And we did have fun.  Maybe not the most amazing showing in the ring LOL!  The judge said Dhail, "was really sweeping the floor."  Dhali was basically sniffing the floor the whole time and I was trying to get his head up and dragging him along in the process.  The judge also said,  "Practice a lot with her (him)."  Oh well!  We did it and it was a good experience.  The judge kept calling Dhali a girl- not sure why??

Now 15 or so pictures and then more writing at the bottom.

Little bit of snuggle time.

He stood and leaned into me for the longest time.  A little zen in the chaos.

Dhali's cousin Sweetcorn.

Dhali's brother Nickle.

Dhali is smiling!  
That's Dhali's daddy in the crate behind us.

Dhali was a little bit tired from the whole experience :)

Good job little Dollar-boy.

This is the dog of the woman who was really nice and helped me at the open show in Oct.  She was set up across the isle from TT camp.


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