Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tibby Pre

I thought you all might like to see why I took Tibby to the behaviorist veterinarian on Tuesday.  And why we started her on medication.  A lot of people have told me that Tibby is just acting like a dog and I'm expecting too much from a dog.

 The first 2 are the video I made for our appointment - had to split it into 2 for youtube.

The other 2 are videos I made for myself of all the times I could find when Tibby was stressed in a training situation.  There are actually many, many more examples, but the videos were getting super long. 

I hope that these videos will be Tibby's Pre treatment videos and we'll be able to look back at these and see how much progress she has made :)

At 1:12 when she is reacting - she is reacting to seeing herself in a mirror. That is sort of what she does when she sees another dog on a walk. Only multiple that reaction by 10. She screams, lunges, whines, snaps, jumps, paws at the air. It's scary to be on the other end of the leash, because I know she's not in her mind when she's reacting and I'm a little bit afraid she might turn around and bite me.


 More staring at 'scary' things. She gets stuck and stares for long periods of time. The very beginning of the video is Tibby being scared of a mitten that fell onto her bully stick. Dhali was playing with the mitten and dropped it.



Jenn said...

Scary world for Tibs.
Is there a way to check eyesight for dogs? In some of those she seems to not be able to identify an object, and she fixes on it to make sure it's not a threat...?

Catalina said...

It's possible that she has something wrong with her eyes as well - add that to heart murmur and hip dysplasia, but immobility or "freezing" is one of the signs associated with anxiety in dogs. I should make a post about that list - she has every single one except self trauma.

Kim said...

Have you tried B.A.T (developed by Grisha Stewart) with her? It can help you teach her how to deal with emotional triggers that shoot her above her thresholds. I wish you and her the best of luck!