Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow Hiking

I took Dhali hiking today.  It should have been snowshoeing, but I was silly and didn't bring my snowshoes.  The snow was deep and fluffy - so lots of exercise!  We only went about a mile, but it's up some steep hills and with the snow it was tough.  I'm pretty sure Dhali didn't want to go any farther...two words - snow balls.  Brrrrr!  That has to be pretty cold!  The snow was taller/deeper than Dhali, so he had to jump and wade for most of the mile.  Maybe I should get him some snowpants!

It's weird, but the whole time when we are out I'm thinking about Tibby.  So many different places on the trail reminded me of her - there's the spot where she sat for a picture in March, or where we took a picture together last fall, or the spot she chased Zoe, ect. 

 It's not as bad as if she was actually gone, but I still miss her when I'm doing things with Dhali.  I guess this is my first time having two dogs and I feel a little guilty about not taking her with us.  But the Dr. said she should avoid all possible places where she could have a reaction for at least a month.  We didn't see any dogs today (or people), but I can't guarantee that we wouldn't stumble upon a dog or worse a skier (which she hates). 

It's better for her to stay at home, but I still miss her.

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