Monday, December 3, 2012

Over The Bridge

"Trip, trap, trip, trap who's that walking over my bridge?"

Busy week starting today.  Let's see - tomorrow I'm taking Tibby (and Dhali) to her appt. (our appt?) at the U of M.  Yes, we got moved up from our appt. in March.  Whoo hoo!  And I'm also super nervous.  I not a big fan of driving in the Cities and our appt is at 8:30am, so driving right into rush hour.  We'll have to leave very, very early, like 5am.  Then the appt. - not sure what we are going to do or how it will work.  I want to be able to answer all their questions and get things figured out, but I am so NOT a morning person plus stress of getting to the appt.

Then on Sat. Dhali has his first real show!  Very exciting!  We are going both Sat. and Sun.  Tibetan Terriers show after 2 on both days and it's in St. Cloud for any one that is interested in seeing a dog show.  The entrance fee for visitors is a food shelf item.  There are just under 800 dogs entered on Sat. and over 800 dogs entered on Sun.   There are 7 TTs entered and one of those is Dhali's litter mate Nickle.  Can't wait to see him again and see the boys together.  When I was looking for a TT puppy one of the things that I wanted was to be able to see their family every once in a while.  I don't know why, but that seems kind of nice - maybe because I don't have a big family, I want my dog to have a family?  

Speaking of family:  My Grandma has taken a turn for the very worst.  She was baking cookies, doing mental memorization exercises and took a marching walk around the block on Wed.  Wed. night she started vomiting blood and since then she has been in bed heavily medicated and mostly sleeping.  The Hospice nurse checked on her Friday and prescribed a liquid form for of one of the meds.  She hasn't eaten since Wed. and has only had tiny sips of water for the last 4 days.  My Mom is doing an amazing job taking care of my Grandma.  I hope I can do as good of a job when it's my turn to take care of my Mom.  I have taken a few turns sitting with my Grandma, but mostly my Mom has been doing everything for her.   


Helen said...

Kind of scared me with your blog title.

Hope the drive to the big city went all right.

And I sure hope your grandmother is doing fine. I know how hard it is when they are sick. My Mum is in a nursing home and I worry every time they call to say she has the flu or something.

Oskar said...

We are sending prayers for your grandma.

Nubbin wiggles,

Catalina said...

Thank you :)

Sorry if the title scared you, maybe I should have thought that through more.....