Sunday, December 9, 2012

Show Day 2 - Ruined

Didn't happen - boo!

So we were supposed to go back today for a 2nd day of showing and then it started to snow late Sat. night and it is still snowing more than 12 hours later.

The people that stayed in the hotel connected to the show site - smart.  Me?  I decided to drive the hour home.  Tibby was at home any way and some one has to take care of her too!  

So now we are stuck in the house.  Very sad.  Tibetan Terriers were supposed to show at 2pm - the city finally had one side of the road plowed in front of my house by 1:50pm.  So yeah.  Oh, well it has been an OK day.  Just sad that we missed the 2nd day of the show.  So far we have played in the snow a lot, I have cleaned up tons of snow from the floor and then we took a nap.

The dogs are having fun, except there is too much snow even for my snow-loving pups.  They can't even run, because it's too deep!  I made them a little path and a potty spot.  They need some snow pants!


Tibby says, "I changed my mind!  Let me back in!"

Dhali's first snow face - awwww.


Snow monster!

"I can't see!"

Snow ball armor.

"Where did my yard go?" 

So it's almost 3pm now and the snow is coming down even harder.  It's looking like a blizzard!  Glad we are not out on the road, even though I'm sad we are missing the show.

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Jenn said...

Glad that yesterday was such a good day.

Hope the snow gets cleared soon!