Monday, January 31, 2011

Stupid Snow

Class was canceled again tonight because of bad weather.  Bad weather = TON MORE SNOW.
I am so sick of snow.
Tibby had an interesting day even without class.  This morning at 5am, my Mom (Tibby's Grandma) picked Tibby up and took Tibby on a 5 mile run IN A BLIZZARD.
They say crazy is hereditary - I agree.
This was the report I received about Tibby's first run:
Mile 1 - Tibby was pulling on the leash, jumping, drift diving, sniffing, ect.
Mile 2 - Tibby started to look for her house.
Mile 3 - Tibby stopped once to pull snow out of her feet, but she was keeping up with my Mom and running beside her.
Mile 4- Running beside or a little behind my Mom.
Mile 5 - Running.  Running.  Running.
Last block - Stopped in an intersection to pull snow out of her feet.

My Mom was really happy with Tibby.  Yay!  She said she will pick Tibby up everyday when the weather is a little nicer and take her on a 5 mile run.

My Mom runs with a group of people, but today some people were out of town or working or didn't want to run in a blizzard.  My Mom thought this would be a good opportunity to test Tibby's running skills, because 2 large dogs usually run with the group and my Mom didn't want the work of introducing  running AND new dogs to Tibby.

So, then at 7am I went to work.  I'm guessing Tibby slept all day, because she was wound up all evening.  Busy, busy dog.
And I was thinking she would be tired from a 5 mile run.
Silly me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growth Update

Tibby weighs lbs and is now  inches tall. She's been  lbs for 2 months, so I think that might be it. She's an inch taller than she was the last time I measured her. If she gets any taller we won't be able to do TDAA.  *Hint if you are entering the guess Tibby's Growth contest!!!!!*

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be Shy Trick

I taught this to Tibby while I was eating lunch.  She picked it up very fast.  I want to add a few more things to it, but it is still a cute trick! I use a hand signal (which you can't see obviously LOL!) as well as the verbal - 'be shy'. I've found that Tibby does better with hand signals and also with 2 or more word cues. Like 'take a bow' instead of 'bow' which she thought sounded like 'down'.

Friday, January 28, 2011

We Win!

Today was such a nice day that it made me happy to live in Minnesota!
It was 28F and I didn't even need to wear mittens.

I had a competition going with Zoe's Mom to see who would be the first to snowshoe to the top of Mt. T--- this year.
Ha ha!
Tibby and I win.
Today we snowshoed all the way to the top.
These pictures prove it!

Here Tibby is at the top.
It didn't really take that long with the nicely packed trails and warm weather.

It was windy at the top and it was snowing a little up there.

Video Viernes

Another video of Tibby on our walk last week. Silly puppy!

Babushka Catty

Catty is going under cover.

"How's this for a disguise?"

Your own mother wouldn't recognize you Catty.

You would wear disguises too........if you had a roommate like Tibby.*
*notice Catty's tongue sticking out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunny Boyz

I don't know exactly when Tansy was born, but I think it was in January.  Kiwi is a mystery, because I adopted him from the Humane Society and he was a stray before that.
I decided to say that today Tansy turns 1!
We've come a long way from last April when he sat in my hand at the feed store and I fell in love (with what I thought was a GIRL bunny, hence the Tansy-girly-name).
He was neutered and then a few months later I found Kiwi.  They went through the whole bonding bunnies thing (never want to do that again!!!) and now they are the best bonded bunny buddies.
While Tibby was at the groomer's last week I let the boyz run around.
P.S. Yes.  They are 100% litter box trained.

Boyz and the Bee


Bunny mouths!

This is my favorite angle to look at Tansy.  So cute!

Catty and the Boyz. 
Before Kiwi......Catty was Tansy's BFF. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tile Treat

My Dad replaced a couple tile in my bathroom last week.  Tibby kept stealing the tile and my Dad's tools.

"Mmmm, time for my mid-morning cookie break."

"Huh?  I'm starting to think this isn't a cookie."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frozen 5k 2011

My Mom (Tibby's Grandma) ran in the Frozen 5k today.  She runs in it every year.  This year she got 1st place in her age group!
It was -13F when they ran.  Last year, 2010 it rained and in 2009 it was -40F.

-13F is still cold. 

A tiny piece of my Mom's head is in this picture.

It was so cold that the time clock stopped working.
Because of that, some people didn't get their time recorded.

Here she comes!

There she is! 
Yes, her coat is unzipped.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Grooming Day

Today Tibby went to the groomer again.  I'm embarrassed by how long it was between visits.  I've mentioned before that I think Tibby's groomer does a great job.  When I went to pick Tibby up, she heard my voice and started to make a ruckus.  The thing I find interesting is that she can go in a crate at the groomer's and be quiet.  Hmmmmmm.  I love it when she comes back from the groomer!  Her hair is so soft and fluffy.  Her head looks a little flat, but I think that is because of the terrible bang trim I gave her a couple weeks ago. 

Here are the before pictures:

And the after pictures:

"Good to be home!  I'm starving!"

"Num, yum, crunch mmmm food."

"Pffft  I'm not doing anything.  I'm so tired."

"Really?  You want me to stand up?"

"Give. Me. The. Treat."

I love her little feet when they are groomed!

Yup she was tired.