Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back To Square One

Ok so the place, in St. Cloud, that I thought offered private lessons, only offers private obedience lessons and they only do classes for agility.  Because?  One person can't move all the equipment.  Ok....whatever Tibby will be doing things on the flat for a long time, but no.  So I guess I can't for love or money get private agility classes for my dog?!? 
I'm starting to lose hope a little. 
And the Beg. I class at CACM is at 5:30pm on Mondays.  There isn't any way that I can get to that class.  I get off of work at 5pm or even at 4pm I couldn't get there in time.  It's 75+ miles.
So......are there any trainers with in a 80 mile radius of Here (my town - I don't want it to show up on Facebook) that would give us private lessons? 
I found this place Leader of the Pack.  Good?  Bad?  After our really bad obedience experience I'm hesitant/afraid of getting into another situation like that one.
If we can't find anyone I will just have to get some DVDs and try to train Tibby by myself.  I have jumps, weaves and a teeter.  With the money I have budgeted for lessons I could get a very nice dogwalk and a-frame.  We won't need those for a long time, but it would be possible.  I guess.
But I would rather take lessons!  I learn better hands on with someone to explain stuff.
In conclusion:  Any trainers with in 80 miles of my town (see above) that would give us private lessons?


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Is there any way you can head to the cities once every two weeks or once a month for a private? For foundations you really don't need a ton of equipment and you could also supplement with some good books and/or videos.

I have no idea about Leader of the Pack but it doesn't hurt to email and ask what you would be learning. The description "You and your dog will learn to navigate an obstacle course" leaves a lot to be desired as foundations/beginnings isn't really about the obstacles but the spaces in between.

This place is a bit closer to you and breed tollers :)
They are very traditional based as they breed and hunt but agility can pretty much only be done positively.

scotsmad said...

Hope you find someone!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Catalina said...

Water's Edge looks really nice. Too bad the Beg. class is Fri. evening. I work every other Fri., Sat. and Sun. evening.
It was even really difficult to get every Monday evening off for class. After I signed up for the class my boss started giving me every other Mon. evening to work. I had to use up a lot of favors with my coworkers. We have a crazy schedule at work and if I'm not working sometimes I have to be on call. Like I am tonight.....but now I have 5 days off.
I'll check and see if Water's Edge gives private lessons. Thanks for the idea! :)

Priscilla said...

What a shame!!! I'm sorry for those difficulties that you are going through at the moment. Hope you find a good class which is nearby your place soon.

Crystal said...

The Leader of the Pack place makes me nervous. On their behavior consults page they say this:
"Behavioral issues such as digging, biting, jumping, barking, food or toy possession and separation anxiety, can nearly always be traced back to improperly communicated boundaries at the time the human/canine relationship was formed."

Which... no. I don't believe that at all. Maisy's veterinary behaviorist said her issues are due to a lack of socialization. Our relationship is fine.

Under class descriptions, they don't mention bringing treats. Most positive training centers do.

Go and observe a class. See what you think. My reservations may be unfounded.