Monday, February 14, 2011

4th Foundation Agility Class

Here is a video from tonight's class.
A few notes: I really like Tibby's haircut now and I might keep it short forever. We went snowshoeing for an 1 1/2 today and she didn't get any snowballs stuck in her hair. I also didn't have to worry about matts from the snow. She walked in mud and her feet were clean after a quick wipe.
I think I would like to take private agility lessons with Tibby. I feel like we spend most of the class time waiting for all the other dogs. I'm driving an hour (one way) for the class and I would like to get more out of it. Private vs. Group - Any opinions?


Glenn said...

Of course private lessons would be better but you can't "work" the whole time - Tibby will get bored and you will get tired. ALso Tibby needs to work with the distractions that the other dogs and people in and around the ring provide. So I think you might like to have both lesson types. JMHO

D said...

Very cute haircut! Sometimes I'd love to not have to deal with the snowballs. As for lessons, taking a foundations class with a group was fine for me, but taking a private is so worth it. It may cost a bit more, but instead of waiting for everyone else to run the course, you get the full attention of your instructor. I won't go back to classes, privates are what works for me.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Well a lot of agility classes ARE waiting around for your turn. Especially when you get to actual courses only one dog can go at a time :) The nice thing about the foundation classes is that it looks like you have plenty of room around you while you are waiting to do something else. Use that time to work on attention games with her or shape a new trick!

As for privates, they are often way more beneficial than a group class. The downside to privates is the cost so many people don't do them every week. But then you need access to your own equipment which thankfully isn't a ton at a foundations level.

I would say that if you do go the private lessons route then you need to find a way to work Tibby around more distractions. Whether that's putting her in another obedience class or taking her to petstores or hardware stores on a more regular basis.

Helen/Spike and Drusilla OK Citizens said...

I think private lessons are always the best way but, at least by us, they get so expensive. We felt the same way with Spike and Dru in their obedience classes and our trainers would only allow a max of six dogs per class so I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you since it looks like you have a lot more than six in the class.

I love Tibby's cut and her dashing pink coat.


Wyatt said...

We took private agility classes. They were only 1/2 hour. The instructor liked to keep it short, so Wyatt would not get overwhelmed or bored. The group class came later, if competition was the direction you were headed. We just did it for fun!

Wyatt's Mom

Loretta Mueller said...

I only take private lessons, I get the most out of them and so do my dogs.

Classes are great for distraction training, but you have to have the dog ready to deal with those distractions first. Learning in all that chaos can be hard to do, for both you and the dog.

My vote is for private lessons...most instructors will do 30 minutes if your dog can't deal with longer, however, most of my students, for example, start out at 30, and eventually go to an hour. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I like Tibby's hair cut. It took a minute for me to get used to it but it seems like it's a lot less she looks cute!!

It looks like she's really getting the hang of agility. She seems to like the tunnels...and that fluffy white dog! :) I'm with everyone else when they say that she won't have those distractions around in a private class and when you do compete there will be tons of dogs around. But I definitely do see the benefits of private classes.

Elyse and Riley