Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snowy Weekend - Fun and Frustration

Starting out this post with a cute picture from Tibby's first overnight visit to Woof Dah.
Look at all that hair!
When I brought her in this last weekend (post haircut) they didn't recognize her!

Up next is Tibby's report card from 2 weekends ago.
I love that they send a report card home.
There are a few differences from her first report card and her 2nd one.

I think Tibby was more relaxed this last weekend at Woof Dah.
Whenever I checked in on her with the web cams she was either sleeping, walking around or being petted and carried by the staff.  I saw her playing once, but it wasn't like her first weekend when she played constantly.  Maybe it had something to do with the other dogs too.  Her special friends weren't there?  Or maybe it was her lack of hair?  Like Samson she lost her super strength after her hair was cut off?  Just kidding!
I did see her jumping and running on the bridge they have for the dogs to play on.  It seems like if Tibby sees another dog doing something, she has to try it too.  She also lost 5 lbs over the weekend.  Yikes!  I packed lots of yummy food (canned lamb and rice/salmon/pumpkin/yogurt/her reg. food), but I guess she doesn't eat very much.  OR she burns off a lot of calories. 

She was tired though.
She slept all the way home and then for the next 12 hours.  She didn't even want to get up this morning to pee!  I had to push her out the door.

My vacation was fun too.
I ran in a snowshoe/ski race across a bay in Wisconsin.  It was a 10k race in the dark across ice!
There were 3,889 people in the race and we were 127th and 128th (women snowshoers) across the finish line.  It was AMAZING!  There were bonfires on the ice at every kilometer and then small candles along the route.  It was an adventure.
Getting home was an adventure too.
We left Sun. morning and hit 15 inches of snow in the Twin Cities.  We ended up getting stuck at a very nice hotel only a few miles away from Tibby.  Poor Tibby, she had to stay an extra day and night at Woof Dah.  I missed her so much!  But she didn't know the difference.  Monday we picked Tibby up and started to drive home.  The roads were horrible!  We saw tons of accidents.  One with a car upside down in the ditch.  Scary.  But we made it home.

Tibby isn't impressed with the snow.
She wants SPRING!
She even made me dig her a potty spot.
What happened to my snow loving dog?


Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

That place has a pirate ship? And movies? We want to go there!!!

Sagira said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. :)